We have noticed for sometime how some Nigerian Christians invoke propaganda. It did work for them for years, but presently I can inshallah say it is losing its constituent as some unbiased Christians have responded to the falsehood of these set of charlants aside monumental responses from Muslims.

we have one of the Christian lier who claimed his name is Abdul’Rahman , who converted to Christianity and he decides to expose the plans of Muslim Nigeria. According to this lier, he concealed his identity because it is 100% Islamic to kill apostate.

     (  Line of Juxtaposition )
The bigotry of some(many Christians) knows no bound or limit. They device and incite hatred among the Nigeria populace and try fervently to Demonize Muslims in Nigeria with their Evil Evangelism. They fabricate words and also borrow from their demonic counterpart in Europe. The following are words they use;

==>A second letter to senseless Christians by ex Muslim Ishaku Abdul’rahman Mohammed
LETTER TO SENSELESS CHRISTIANS part 2 -Ishaku Abdul’rahman Mohammed
Dear Nigerian Christian, If you saw my first letter you would have known that I used to be a Muslim but now a Christian. I have been in hiding because, anyone born a Muslim and converts to Christianity has a death sentence on his head. It is even worse now that they know I have decided to reveal their hidden agenda to the Nigerian Christian who stupidly voted Buhari, a known jihadist as president.  

             LABEL ERROR
This fake ex Muslim  didn’t tell us where he is from.  However, His name has dislodged  him from his hideout of shame and life of Falsehood.
  First of all, there are more converts from Islam to Christianity in Nigeria when compared to the Christian converting to Islam . This can easily be noticed from names of people whose parent are Muslims but they(progeny) became Christian. For example, it is easy & common to see people who are;
Ibrahim JOHN
Muhammad FAVOUR
Rilwani MARY
Note; there are Christians who use their name first, then their surname as identity.
JOHN momoh ; owner of channels tv
PHILIP shaibu ; Deputy Gov. To be Edo state
ADAMS Aliyu; current Edo state Government
Apostle  JOHNSON suleman; Pastor OMFM.
Those above are Christians I know very well. The remaining are;
Bishop Hassan kukah etc.
It is more easy to see those Christians than to see the following muslims;

Goodwill AISHA
Moses Maryam
Benson YUSUF
Dominic SHUAIB
Matthew ISLAM
Desmond Alhaji Mumin

    If Islam was as unmerciful as this lier made us believe, certainly, those Christian convert would have died before even flaughting their names. We know for sure that there are parents who persecute their children from choosing new faith. However, this isn’t limited to Muslim parents alone, but also extends beyond Christians to Africa Traditional religion. For someone to come forward and Exonerate Christians from such acts is like denying Cleopatra, akhnaton, nephretiti ever existed in Ancient Egypt. Merciless parents exist in Muslim just like in Christianity. I may be bias to say Muslim parents are more merciful considering the number of convert from Islam to Christianity Who are alive as compared to Christians to Islam.  In order to make my responses concise, it is appropriate for me to end it here .
We also have noticed forced conversion from Islam to Christianity by Christian monk for years. States like Osun state bear witness to such.
        (GAME FOR FOOLS)
Abdul’Rahman claimed he will be killed but the sick lier retained all his name to publish hate message while he is claiming to seek refuge. Is it not sensible that he take all Christian name in order to remain unknown rather than using Muslim name of his which is easily traceable?
  Only fools like him believes his fairy epic and false rhetorics. For me, this Dude was never a Muslim but a Christian. Subsequent responses to his remarks will tear open his veil of Faking.
Lastly, if Jihad is fighting according to your brains, then Buhari is a Jihadist against
Which any sensible Nigeria will be happy to hear.

Dear Nigerian Christian,
If you saw my first letter you would have known that I used to be a Muslim but now a Christian. I have been in hiding because, anyone born a Muslim and converts to Christianity has a death sentence on his head.
      (COUNTERED & CORNERED) part 2
Firstly, this is pure lie. Secondly, my initial response about who this fake ex Muslim  really is shows clearly that he is a Christian claiming to be a convert in order to gain cheap sympathy. Lastly, there is no verse in the Quran which says kill an apostate and there isn’t any in hadith. I challenge this fake ex Muslim who is a demon agent to point a single from the Islamic source (dual). However, killing somebody who left Christianity for Islam or other religions exist in the Bible (Old & New Testament  )
Chronicles 15:13 “All who would not seek the LORD, the God of Israel, were to be put to death, whether small or great, man or woman.”

Deuteronomy Chapter 13 vs 6-10
If any one even from your family suggest   worshipping another God, kill them.

Deuteronomy chapter 13 vs 12-15
If you find out a city worship a different god, destroy the city and kill all of its inhabitants…  Even the Animals.

  Exodus 21:15
15 Anyone who attacks his father or his mother must be put to death

        Deuteronomy 7 vs 6-7
Kill anyone with a different religions.
      Luke chapter 19 vs 27 Jesus said;
But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay(KILL) them before me.
As you can see, the biblical verses of Death and killing is clear . These few from many are enough. I challenge the fake ex Muslim to show an exact verses of killing sporadically mentioned both in new and old Testament  in  QURAN.

In that letter I told you about the subtle ways president Buhari is going about his islamization agenda. In this part I will explain, with Islamic teachings why our president is making some of his moves without caring about the feelings and sensibilities of Christians in Nigeria.
          ( Countered & Cornered )
There is no relationship with Islamic teachings and NIGERIA DEMOCRATIC SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT INCLUDING ITS POLITY. Christians who are sensible will not lower their experiences to false hood propagated by fake ex Muslim like you.

==>So much has happened since my last letter and God willing, I will continue to educate you as things unfold. Please pray for me cause the forces of darkness are arrayed against me for telling the truth. And if you ever hear that I get killed don’t weep for me. Just know I have finished my race and am with the Lord Jesus. The same Jesus I rejected all my life as Muslim. The same Jesus I called a prophet of Allah who is a little lower that the false prophet Mohammed. To Jesus alone be all the praise, glory and honor for saving me from the satanic cult called Islam. I now worship this same Jesus and will do so till is expire.
Firstly, nobody will kill you except the lies and propaganda you vomit, they will hunt you day & Night. Your lies will suffocate you.
Secondly, nobody can be a Muslim without believing and respecting Jesus pbuh. Our love for him is not based on lip service but practicalism.
You will ever find a Muslim named Eesa(Jesus) and Maryam(Mary). Additionally, a chapter of the Muslim Quran is named after Mary, Quran chapter 19 The chapter of Mary .
Jesus is a prophet and one of the best to have set his foot on earth.
Thirdly, he called the Muslim Prophet false. I will allow the Quran(word of God)  to reply to him.

Quran 36:3
Surely, you(Muhammad) are one of the Messengers.

Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.

Surah Ahzab 33
Muhammad is the Prophet of God and the seal of prophet hood.

Quran 47:2
And(as for)  those who believe and do good,  and believe in what has been revealed to Muhammad, and it is the very truth from their Lord, he will remove from them their evil and improve their condition.
Fourthly, he contradicted himself when he claimed he rejected Jesus all his life and claimed again that he called him a prophet. The problem he plunged into Is, he either was a Muslim or he wasn’t. In any case, he destroys all what he has written blatantly. Part of the Muslim belief is acceptance of Jesus.
Lastly, Islam isn’t a cult but a religion of God that gives salvation;
To this God belongs all praises who created  into the womb of Mary , Jesus. Just as he created me into my mother’s womb.

==>Have you noticed that whenever any Christian, occupying a high position in any government agency is removed only muslims get to replace him or her?
          (Counters & Cornered )
Yes, that is true but not always. However, the same is done to Muslims, if not, the entire public office position would have been filled and occupied by Muslims only.

200 military officers were retired recently and guess what? They were either southerners or Northern Christians.
   (Countered & Cornered)
First of all, there is nothing wrong for a president to sack public officers if they go against their code of ethics or principles that guides their conducts.
Secondly, president Jonathan also sacked public office holders.
The following are cases of sacked office holders during GEJ administration;
#Jonathan sacks IG of Police, Suleiman Abba; appoints replacement Solomon arase
#The ministers sacked include;
Education – Ruqqayatu Rufai
Foreign Affairs – Olugbenga Ashiru
National Planning – Shamsudeen Usman
Land and Urban Development – Amal Pepple
Environment – Hadiza Mailafia
Science and Technology – Ita Ewa
Defence – Olusola Obada
Power – Zainab Kuchi
Agriculture – Tijani Bukar
#Jonathan also sacked Ihejirika, other service chiefs.
Thirdly , because someone isn’t a Northerner doesn’t mean he is a Christian. I am a southerner and I am a Muslim.
Fourthly, it is falsehood to claim they are Christians from the north and south only. There are several online websites unveiling several names, yet claimed it as classified. How this bigot knew they are all Christians remained untold.
Unlike the sack used by the bigot, let us be acquainted with this;  “Soldiers are never sacked; they are either retired or dismissed”.
       *The Sack Tale*
Fresh details emerge on the mass sack from the Nigerian army which was announced in the early hours of Saturday, June 11. SK Usman, the army spokesperson, explained the retirement of the officers was based on “service exigencies.
It may signify that cases of partisanship (unfair practices during the 2015 election and in the war against Boko Haram) and corruption (Dasuki gate scandal) are behind the decision.
     It is very obvious why they were retired. It wasn’t because if their ethnic background and religious affiliations, but for poor ethical conduct.
The exact number of officers is still unclear. According to TheCable, the latest move affected 58 officers. At the same time, Vanguard put the number at about 200.
However, the first list with 47 names and their ranks has become available on the following day, Sunday.
Read the first batch of names below:
1. Ojogbane Adegbe, a colonel and a former aide-de-camp (ADC) to ex president Goodluck Jonathan
2. Mustapha Onoiveta, a brigadier general and a former ADC to ex president Umaru Musa Yar’Adua
3. Nicholas Achinze, a colonel and a former military assistant to the former nation
  The following is from another site.

Some of the generals, who Sunday Vanguard gathered were in the list, include Major General MY Ibrahim, a former GOC 7 Division, Maiduguri, Major General Fatai Ali, a former Chief of Training and Operations, Army Headquarters, Major General Ilo, GOC 2  Division, Ibadan, Major General SD Aliyu, former DA China, Brig-General Lawson, Defence Adviser China, Brigadier General Mustapha Onoiveta, a  former ADC to  the late President Yar’Adua, Brigadier General Dahiru Abdusalami, Brigade Commander, Jos, and Brigadier General Bello, Acting Director, Operations.

  From another website;
See list of some of the affected officers below:  1. Maj Gen FO Ali.
2. Maj Gen EG Atewe.
3. Maj Gen Ejemai.
4. Maj Gen MY Ibrahim.
5. Maj Gen IN Ijioma.
6. Maj Gen Koleoso.
7. Maj Gen PAT Akem.
8. Maj Gen LC Ilo.
9. Maj Gen SD Aliyu.
10. Brig Gen Onibasa.
11. Brig Gen IM Lawson.
12. Brig Gen D Abdusalam.
13. Brig Gen Bashir Mormoni.
14. Brig Gen ASH Sahaad.
15. Brig Gen Koko Essien.
16. Brig Gen MD Onoiveta.
17. Brig Gen LM Bello.
18. Brig Gen MG Ali.
19. Brig Gen Oyefesobi.
20. Brig Gen Ogidi.
21. Brig Gen Fiboinumama.
22. Brig Gen Agachi.
23. Col OU Nwankwo.
24. Col Adegbe.
25. Col DR Hassan.
26. Col TT Minima.
27. Col CK Ukoha.
28. Col FD Kayode.
29. Col Achinze.
30. Lt Col Oladuntoye.
31. Lt Col Adinmoha.
32. Lt Col CO Amadi.
33. Lt Col Baba Ochanpa.
34. Lt Col Dazang.
35. Lt Col TE Arigbe.
36. Lt Col Egemole.
37. Lt Col A Suleiman.
38. Lt Col A Mohammed.
39. Lt Col AS Mohammed.
40. Lt Col Enemchukwu.
41. Maj TA Williams.

See Full List Of Top Officers Sacked By Nigerian Army

Shock as Army fires 200 officers


As you can discern, the dismissed officers cut across more than one religion which is in contrast to what this fake ex Muslim  postulated.
==>As far as the northern Muslim is concerned, if you are a southerner you are a Christian.
       (Cornered and Countered)
It is fallacious to claim the Northern Muslims, all of them, have such myopic belief. Some Northerners have such funny beliefs and it is because they haven’t travel outside and perhaps poor Islamic Education unable them to know that Islam isn’t ethnic camp but a religion for the entire humanity . It is same with those who believe the world starts and end In their country or village.
   The truth is that; it exist also among Christians in the Southern part of Nigeria.
Below are funny beliefs of some Christians;
#Every Muslim can speak Hausa or Every Muslim speaks Hausa.  A lecturer of an institution was Telling me I should be speaking Hausa because I am a Muslim. Even when I tried correcting her, it was as if I was telling a child, put food in your mouth bit nose.
#The Mosque is an Hausa Church.
#Every Muslim is an Aboki(hausa).
#Every Muslims wife is a yarinya
#Fat Hausa Muslim man is Alhaji
#Thin Hausa Muslim man is an Aboki
#Every Muslim Is  violent as Bokoharam And ISIS.
#Every Muslim man is a mallam,  Muslim cleric.
#Every Muslim man will always have 4 wives.
#Every Muslim girl is Aisha or Fatimah
#Every Muslim celebration, Cows would be slaughtered for the feast.
#Every Muslim boy is Muhammad.
  As you can see, the funny beliefs exist more among some Christians despite the western Education they have acquired and beat their chest about .


==> And being a Christian means you are the worst creatures of Allah. Now you may ask,  why is that important?
   (Cornered and Countered)
OK, this I can’t deny, but why did God call them worst creatures? This is because they make permissible what God Almighty have made forbidden. And believing that God is a human being, Jesus. Who has every characteristics that I as man have. Was breast fed by a woman. Imaging God sucking in the breast milk of his creature. Pee on the cloth of his mum. To crown it all, imaging God’s first creature Adam and Eve never had parent, but God decided to visit the world and not freely like his creature(the first ones), but through a woman. And this God stayed in his mother’s womb. It doesn’t end here,  Jesus who is God to some Christians is from the Seed of David, imaging God from the family of his creature. To end it with shocking term,  the word SEED. for student of literature, the word seed means Sperm. And Jesus is Called seed in;
2 Timothy  2:8 Remember that Jesus Christ of the SEED of David was raised from the dead according to my gospel.
   Now, why is the True God almighty not going to call them the worst creature?
==>By 1914, the  ottomans of turkey began a propaganda that presented the Armenian Christians as a security threat. So what did they do? In 1915 they retired all Christians from the Turkish army. Once they Christians were disarmed they started killing the Christians. This is how turkey became almost one hundred percent Muslim country.
For those who do not know. Remember the seven letters to the seven churches of revelations 1-3? All those churches were located in today’s turkey. Islam has wiped out Christianity from turkey. This was the exact model that Hitler used in Germany to wipe out six million Jews.
    ( Countered & Cornered)
Firstly, the same Number of Muslims , jews or maybe more were Slaughtred by the Armenian christians.
        Justin McCarthy
professor of history at the University of Louisville, in Louisville, Kentucky. He holds an honorary doctorate from Boğaziçi University, Turkey, and is a board member of the Institute of Turkish Studies.
His area of expertise is the history of the late Ottoman Empire.
  McCarthy does not deny that a million Armenians died during the massacres of 1915-1923, but claims that millions of Muslims in the region were also massacred in this period and many at the “hands of Armenian insurgents and militia”.
He has contended that all of those deaths during World War I were the product of intercommunal warfare between Turks, Kurds and Armenians, famine and disease, and did not involve an intent or a policy to commit genocide by the Ottoman Empire.

  What ever the fake ex Muslim said about Islam in comparison to Hitler(a Christian) who was trying to wipe out Jews in Europe (Germany) is mismatched and false.

On the massacre;   “There is no evidence of a decision to massacre.On the contrary, there is considerable evidence of attempts to prevent it, which were not very successful.
   For those who do not know.   Secondly, there is no documentary evidence on retirement of all Christian workers in turkey.
Thirdly, some radical Christians became problem to both Jews and MUSLIMS IN turkey. They picked up arms against their brothers and sisters. This was instigated by ethnicity not religion.
Fourthly, turkey didn’t become Christian country In 1914, rather long before 1914( 20th century) . That is before the 16th century.
As idiotic as you are, you claim turkey became Islamic country in the 20th century, as you said the ottomans of turkey. Don’t you know that ottoman is USMAN (Uthman),  one of the Muslims who brought Islam to turkey was Named after the Muslim Turkish empire; Ottoman. If an empire of Muslim already exist there in, how can it become a Muslim country again in 1914? Can’t you see you are an imbecilic brain wretched idiot who will be mourned by flies. Your lies are too amateurish.

==>vice Niger delta never to disarm.
  (Caught and Countered)
This Christian idiot want the militant to continue destroying pipelines and impoverishing the very poor by security threat and environmental degradation. the very poor they claim they are avenging for. When they bomb pipelines and oil spill, it spills on the farm land of the poor. When they bomb, they are destroying the soil nutrient. When they bomb, they are perhaps making the land susceptible to earth quake. Their weapons are ever increasing. Had it be they are really concerned about the poor, they will convert the money for arms to scholarship scheme for poor children and sme loan for the poor as Buhari led Federal Govt is cleaning up ogoni  oil spillage disaster. It is directly the Opposite that they are doing.
==>There is what we call in Islam, the treaty of hudaibiya. This is the peace agreement that their prophet, Mohammed had with the meccans. the peace treaty was to last for ten years but Mohammed,  seeing that the meccans had relaxed, launched a military campaign two years into the peace treaty and that was how Mecca fell to Islam.

(Countered, Destroyed & Cornered)
Here we go again, another dunse who goes to internet reading about Islam. He doesn’t even go Muslim site, but that of Islamophobes who are suffocating themselves with hatred.
Had the Muslim really broke the peace treaty, then the pagan meccans would have accused the Prophet Muhammad pbuh of not doing what he preached. That wasn’t the case.
    *This is a minor summary of the treaty *
The Pagan meccans had attacked Muslim twice and even connived with some Jews within the Muslim hold in Medina to kill the Muslims From the inside while they attack Muslims from the outside. God helped the Muslims and they succeeded against plot of the plotters. After the pagans saw that whatever they do, they lose and  they propose a peace treaty. The pagans negotiated and decided make all its content to their favor.
Not to forget MUSLIMS plight;
The Muslims and their Prophet were prevented to enter their home of origin, mecca.
1.They were not allowed to even do their religious rituals.
2.Muslims who became Muslims and left mecca to the prophet in Medina were to be returned for asylum sake, even if he is a non Muslim. However, A Medina seeking asylum in mecca will not be handed over . Many Muslims were returned WHO fell into this categories.
3. The treaty was for 10 years.
4. Muslims who are to come to mecca next year should not be allowed to visit kaba.
      As you can see, none of this favored the Muslims, yet Muslims accepted the treaty as God had commanded it;
If they incline to peace, incline also to it.
(Surah Anfal 8:61)

God helped the few Muslims in makkah and they fled towards Syria as the Prophet had been prohibited to welcome and embrace them. They also were prohibited to even outwardly declare themselves as Muslims. The Muslims inhabited a trade route that is between mecca and Damascus. This was a route of Economic power to the Meccans. The oppressed Muslims who now saw a way to hold the oppressors to ransom decided to frustrate the meccans economic route. They knew what the treaty between Muslim Medina and pagan meccans; the Prophet is liable on people at his possession and not Muslim who fled from mecca not to Prophet Muhammad but to Syria.  So, the fled Muslim in Syria capitalised on this.
History of the Prophet, Muhammad Mustafa by Osman Nuri Topbas,  pg 331: The pagan meccans insisted that the Prophet Muhammad cancel the relevant term of treaty. They demanded that MUSLIM refugees be welcomed and embraced by the Muslims and their Prophet into Medina.
You know why they went back at the treaty, the Muslim who fled to Syria frustrated their economic viability. The only way to revive their economy power is to dissolve their treaty. A treaty that they made every content of its to favor them and made disadvantageous to Muslims. Today, God made firm, the Muslim in victory.
THE reason I went as far as this is to show you that every thing the fake ex Muslim said about hudaibiyya are false and expected from a Christianized lier like him.
==> This was Yar A’dua’s plan when he gave the militants amnesty. Had he lived longer the amnesty would have been stopped.
There isn’t any Documentary evidence , video or Audio Evidence for this. It is a monumental lie.
=!> Buhari actually thought that the militants had fully disarmed hence he stopped the amnesty.
    ( Countered & Cornered )
Buhari never thought of such thing base on non availability of evidence to back up the lies of this fake ex Muslim. He stopped the Amnesty because of several reasons.
1. Reduction of Govt. Spending.
2. People were siphoning money through amnesty.
3. And may be because the actual poor people (women and children) never benefit from such amnesty program.

=!> I guess Jonathan,  by the leading of the Lord empowered them even more militarily before he left. Mohammed said, war is deception.
    (Countered & Cornered)
You see why some Christians are retards in thinking! So if GEJ empowered militants to destroy Nigeria revenue, who suffer more? We the Niger Deltans suffers first and suffer  last. In order words, we suffer more.
Suffer first;  Our land continue to deteriorate as a result of oil spillage. We cant plant well, we cant go fishing which is our major occupation because of the extinction of aquatic life . We automatically become vulnerable to insecurity and it’s demonic impact.
Suffer last; The allocations to Niger Delta states will reduce and since there isn’t a viable occupation, we will continue to be impoverished and plagued with an Exacerbated and escalated poverty level.
He said Prophet Muhammad pbuh said war is deception. I don’t know what that got to do with Nigeria fate. One thing is clear; this fake ex Muslim is a lunatic. Marrying secularism with Islamic teachings(Religion) is not only psychedelic but also showed that this fake ex Muslim is suffering from schizophrenia . There is no connection what so ever between Nigeria political leaders, their ambitions with Islam. There is none!
What does Prophet Muhammad Mean by; War is Deception :
    What this mean is “war strategies and Tactics”. Few examples may give you in depth understanding;
1. Nigeria Army or Armies of other countries, when trying to Ambush robbers or Terrorist, THEY DRESS UP THEMSELVES WITH PLANTS SO AS TO MAKE THE ENEMIES NOT RECOGNIZE THEIR HIDE OUT.
2. An Army kidnapped by the Enemies can knowingly lead the Enemies to a cross fire or pit so THAT THE ARMY TEAM CAN HAMMER THEM.
    With this few examples, I hope you understand what the phrase that this fake ex Muslim Mismatched means.
Islam is a religion of salvation. It’s tenets is embedded in Quran and Hadith. Islam is not Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria, America, Sudan.
Islam is Quran and Hadith and Quran and Hadith is Islam. Islam regulate every aspect of society and human life.
==>In my last letter I told you about the useful idiots. The GMD of NNPC Mr Kachikwu was just relieved of his position and guess who replaced him? Another Muslim. Now they have started instituting corruption charges against him. One down more to go. Soon Amaechi will go too. Almost every Christian is out of government. All the military chiefs are muslims. Custom, immigration etc are all headed by muslims now. Yet my fellow senseless Christians still cannot see what is happening. Did you know that the new IG of police is also a Muslim?
( Countered and Cornered)
Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu is the
1) Minister of State, Petroleum Resources and the immediate past
2) Group Managing Director, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation.
He was removed as the GMD of the NNPC by President Muhammadu Buhari and replaced with Dr. Maikanti K. Baru on 4th of July, 2016.

He was never sacked. He was handling two independent  offices and was relieved off one that was an attached. The reason I said attached was because His ministerial position is supreme to the GmD position. He wasn’t meant to handle the position through out, if not,  Buhari would not have relieved him from that. An example of Fashola holding three offices till now explains that.
Nigerian government denies reports of petroleum minister, Kachikwu’s sack

Nigerian government denies reports of petroleum minister, Kachikwu’s sack

Again, kachikwu was never framed with any corruption charges. There is no evidence against him on corruption.
As you can see, he was never sacked. Finally on this part, Buhari sacking or appointing is not based on religion. Every thing the fake ex Muslim tries to fabricate here further shows how slime foolish he is.

Do you know how many senior officers were retired just to pave the way for the new IG? Guess the first thing he did? Accused the former IG of stealing 24 police vehicles. Thank God that alarm was proven false but they never give up. They must find some frivolous charges against him. Just wait and see.
First of all, Solomon Arase retired after completing his 35 years in service , he was never sacked.
When he retired, Another took the mandate.
Thirdly, there was a disconnect on information dissemination between the former IG and current IG.
Whatever transpired between them has nothing to do with President Buhari . What I can fully fathom from this is; There wasn’t proper briefing of information to the IG and he was too fast to cry to the media. Placing a call to Arase was the Best thing to do.
Read more in here; http://www.vanguardngr.com/2016/07/missing-police-vehicles-found-igp-staff-cars-repair-one-returned-vanguards-investigation/

===>Again, during the elections you would have been familiar with the grandest deception called the #bringbackourgirls led by a Christian Mrs Oby Ezekwesili in collaboration with other Northern women. Do you know that the female principal of the chibok girls college has now been appointed to the position of commissioner of education in Borno state?
Since when do secondary school principals get appointed as the commissioner of education in a state where you have university and polytechnic lecturers, VCs and Rectors?
       (Countered & Countered)
First if all, it isn’t errant to appoint somebody who has the pedigree to the commissioner level, especially when it has to do with Education.
Secondly, I haven’t seen evidence that she was appointed. According to this site https://www.naij.com/339800-borno-shettima-appoints-24-commissioner-nominees.html
The names published are the commissioners to be cleared and her name Hajia Asabe doesn’t exist there.
Thirdly, your arguments are too porous and parochial.
==>Madam Oby’s Muslim Vice was first appointed as chief of staff by El Rufai of kaduna state and guess what happened next? Buhari just appointed her MD of NPA. What did the useful idiot Christian. Oby get? Nothing. Where are the so called missing girls? Still at large but they used it to deceive you to voting out a Christian president.
       (Countered & Cornered)
Firstly, Appointing a Muslim to a position in the north is not In any way bad. After all, christians get appointed in the South. I must
Confess I felt ashamed responding to the jargons of this fake ex Muslim. However, we must do it to sink away the lies furnished by this bigot.
Secondly, The missing girls wasn’t a propaganda, it was real. Their names published and one of the chibok girls recently was rescued. In a broadcast granted by fani Kayode on NTA before the presidential election, he claimed the girls were kidnapped and sold to some Arab rich men. He constantly talked about the chibok girls which shows it wasn’t a scam. One fact is necessary to silent this aspect, one of the chibok girls was rescued.
Lastly , Oby Ezekwesili didn’t campaign for chibok girls because of political appointment. If she was, GEJ would have appointed her, knowing fully well that their campaign was embarrassing the JONATHAN Government. Buhari has the right to appoint whoever he wants under the ambit of the constitution and if you don’t like that, you can go naked on the street as a sign of frustration of not liking a President because his faith differ from yours.

===>Talking about a Christian president. Do you know that in Islam it is forbidden for a Christian to hold a position of authority over muslims?
    ( Countered & Cornered)
11th century Europe was ruled by the church and there is no clear evidence of it giving a single opportunity to non Christians to serve.
It is forbidden in an Islamic country that rules with the Islamic scriptures as Constitution for a non Muslim to rule over them as the Executive. Also, the Muslim rule gives certain offices to non MUSLIMS to certain extent.
Since Nigeria isn’t an Islamic country and it operates a democratic system of Government that is secular, there isn’t any relationship between Islamic rule and secular rule. This show that this fake ex Muslim is a demented fool who needs surgery of intelligence in his brain.
===> Since they could not deny the achievements of our christian president Dr Goodluck Jonathan they spun a huge propaganda around corruption. He was vilified as the  most corrupt president Nigeria ever had. The press had a field day reporting monumental corruption under Jonathan. They knew the only way they could get the attention of the Nigerian is to mention corruption and we all fell for the deception hook, line and sinker. I will be naive to say there was no corruption under GEJ.
       (Countered and Cornered)
First of all, this fool claimed that MUSLIMS orchestrated the JONATHAN corruption campaign! His frivolous sarcasm is amazing and parochial.
Hillary Clinton who is a Muslim according to this fool accused JONATHAN of Squandering oil wealth.
Chief Odigie oyegun, Rotimi amaechi who are communion receiving Catholic spoke against the JONATHAN Corruptive regime, that is why they built an APC that destroyed GEJ plundering of Nigeria wealth. There are many Christians who continuously speak against GEJs corrupt administration. One from among many is Eric ADAMS aliyu oshiomhole, Governor of Edo state. They are too numerous to mention, but according to this idiot, they are Muslims.
Secondly, GEJ openly celebrated corruption .he said And i quote;  STEALING IS NOT CORRUPTION.
Thirdly, the Government was involved in a 20 billion unremited fund to the CBN scandal, involved in 9.12 million dollars flown to South Africa with a private Jet of pastor Ayo Orisejafor.
These I mentioned are but a little. Never have I seen any administration that is as corrupt as GEJ administration.

==>No government in the world can claim to be corruption free. Yet it was made to look like Jonathan had stolen the wealth of the nation and crippled the economy. Buhari made  huge promises that got people ecstatic. He was seen as the Messiah. Nigerians refused to see the economic growth under GEJ. Even when Nigeria was rated as the 3rd and 1st fastest growing economy in the world and Africa no one paid any heed to it. Nigeria became the no 1 investment destination in Africa yet it seemed like it was all fairy tale. Today,  just one year after GEJ we are no longer in the list of growing economies of the world. The effects are everywhere. The Nigerian economy is almost grounding to a halt. And guess what? They have now spun another propaganda that what we are experiencing now is the effect of the misrule of GEJ. Again,  Christians are buying this crap and swallowing it like a hot plate of delicious food. Eight months into the Buhari regime,  the bureau of national statistics release a report that over 4.5 million Nigerians have lost their jobs under Buhari. Time will fail me to expatiate.
        ( Countered & Destroyed)
Firstly, even if we agree that no government can claim to be corruption free, so also no Government can be as corrupt as GEJ. We cried about Abacha Corruptive regime who at that time stole In THOUSANDS. However, JONATHAN stole in Dollars and allowed people to steal in DOLLARS. Some Countries in Asia continent,  can boast of corruption free. In China for example, Death sentence await any public officers who steals. In Saudi Arabia One who steals and is proven to have done that gets chopping of hand.
These few are enough for me. What this Means is until those countries have people like JONATHAN, Alex Bade, Dasuki, Anenih, Igbinedion who wrecked the treasury of Nigeria exist in those conservative countries and allowed to stay alive till now without a sentence passed on them, can we say they are corrupt. I can confirm to you that in China, those I mentioned above would have been eliminated because of the money they stole.
Secondly, Fani Kayode spending over sixty days in prison means nothing. People like Dokpesi, Bafarawa and others are in prison because they stole. If you steal, go to the prison.
Thirdly, On Economy under JONATHAN, Nigeria solely based their economy on importation. So when Buhari came and reverse many of those ills, the economy loses its fluency because of what it has never been subjected to. Few statistics will enable us to explain this.

this is just tip of the iceberg. One thing is for sure, economy of Nigeria under JONATHAN never gave preference to homemade product. What Buhari has started is going to take time, but with God, he will reform every sector of Nigeria for good. It doesn’t matter whether we were ranked first or third before. What matter is that; there will be light at the end of the tunnel. To crown it all, even if  JONATHAN had won, NIGERIA was to reach this period. What this entails is that NIGERIA would have crumbled more because the JONATHAN regime would steal, allowed people to steal, the economy will crumble and will still give flimsy excuses unlike Buhari whose excuses are tenable. At the end of the day, he will boldly tell us;  “stealing is not corruption “.
Lastly, you cowardly mention GEJ misrule and boast with it . The stealing of our common patrimony under GEJ’s regime and claiming publicly that STEALING IS NOT CORRUPTION is enough to show his misrule.

==>Have you noticed how Christians and muslims are treated when it comes to corruption cases? They go to the media to convict people of corruption and when they eventually take them to court and the court gives a verdict they don’t like the disobey the court order. Mr Fani Kayode was in detention for over sixty days. You were told that it was because of corruption. How many muslims have been so treated? As far as I know. Only Dasuki is getting that treatment but again that is understandable. It was Dasuki,  then a very junior officer that arrested Buhari during the babangida coup that overthrew Buhari in 1983. Muslims don’t forgive. The god of Islam requires muslims to take vengeance unlike our God that says vengeance is mine.
       ( Countered & Cornered)
This was were he was heading to all this while. Christians are treated more gruesome than Muslims. When he got to that of Dasuki, he couldn’t swim out of it but eventually claimed that it was because he was the one who arrested him in 1983. Notice; HE DIDN’T MENTIONED THE MUSLIM MILITARY PRESIDENT WHO OUSTED HIM OUT OF POWER because this will collapse his entire false hood like a pack of Cards.
   *   The Line Of Truth *
Dasuki is the Son of the Former Dethroned Emire of sokoto and the Head of the Muslims in NIGERIA. HE WAS DETHRONED BY A CHRISTIAN PRESIDENT; OBASANJO.
A Muslim president has never dethroned any Christian king and has never forcibly removed the President of Christian association of Nigeria, in Nigeria. I wonder who actually should cry out against Government oppression if not Muslim, but it is bigot like this who can’t DIFFERENTIATE RIGHT FROM LEFT that will make the loudest noice. So,  Dasuki occupies a position of respect in the heart of Nigeria Muslims until he soiled his own image with looted funds . However, he stole 2 billion dollars meant for procurement of arms to fight Bokoharam. His acts resulted in the massacring of Poor civilians and the military . For that he should be prosecuted and dealt with mercilessly. Unfortunately, his boss who was a party to this has continued to be left unmentioned In the prosecution terrain. In 1985 under the despotic commandment of A MUSLIM who was a military man(IBRAHIM BABAGINDA) , Buhari was ousted of power because of what some termed his incorruptibility. He was arrested by Dasuki under the Commandments of Babaginda. This is the most important part.
The fake ex Muslim claimed it was because of his arrest in 1985 that made him prosecute Dasuki and confined him to prison. This obviously is false as Babaginda who was the main plotter, who ousted him out of power remain unarrested. Had it be it was because of that, Dasuki and Babaginda would have both been thrown in prison.
Anybody who stole, be they Muslims or Christians should be arrested, imprisoned and his wealth frozen. It is time Nigeria stood out of corruption that has eaten deeply into her soul and spirit. People who hate Buhari’s anti corruption agenda are of two types;
Ethnic Bigot and Religious Bigot. This fake ex Muslim happened to occupy both position.
    The following are the list of Beneficiaries of the Arm deal:
Good luck JONATHAN
Samba Dasuki
Raymond Dokpesi
Attahiru Bafarawa
Sagir Bafarawa
Bashir yaguda
Shaibu salisu
Nduka Obaigbena
Saliu Atawodi
Bode George
Peter Odili
  Those are few from many on just Arm deal scandal alone. Despite the blatant evidence against all of them, they either claim to have collected some money like that of Bafarawa or try to Shamelessly deny the corruption that they involved in like GEJ. Though I never expected him to agree of any corruption charges. We aren’t talking of looting from other area, just arm deal alone. As you can see, both some so called Muslims and Christians have wrecked havoc on our economy, but according to this fake ex Muslim, corruption under GEJ doesn’t matter because no government can claim to be corruption free.
The most unfortunate part of this is that we Christians use our values to judge muslims yet we know absolutely nothing about their values. We don’t know anything about the tenets of that religion. Mohammed was a very vengeful person. He killed all those who made fun of him. Even those who criticized him. That is why Buhari cannot stand criticism.

The most unfortunate part of this is that we Christians use our values to judge muslims yet we know absolutely nothing about their values. We don’t know anything about the tenets of that religion. Mohammed was a very vengeful person. He killed all those who made fun of him. Even those who criticized him. That is why Buhari cannot stand criticism.
  (Countered & Cornered)
You didn’t mentioned one of your ceremonious values for us to see. Any way, let us say you are right. If Muslims can’t use their values to judge you it means their values are too high to be used as judgemental criteria for you. Again, who is more honest and kind? It is the MUSLIMS. They knew how super high their values are, so they only apply it not on you, but themselves.
Secondly, you claim the Muslim Prophet was very vengeful and you couldn’t provide a single evidence. He has a message for you;
Sahih Bukhari Chapter No: 3 hadith no. 108;
Whoever tells a LIE AGAINST ME INTENTIONALLY, then (surely) let him occupy his SEAT IN Hell-fire.”
Lastly, all your remarks are baseless and nonsensical.

==>We have seen in the news how innocent Christian women were killed by muslims and our dear president has been silent. Whole communities are being wiped out by Muslim Fulani herdsmen yet no word from your president. The latest is that farmers will now pay for protection while Buhari is now going to use the military to protect Fulani herdsmen and their cows. Buhari is now protecting murderers against innocent Citizens of the country yet you still can’t see anything wrong? Do you know what they have just introduced? It is called the jizya. Jizya happens to be the Islamic protection tax payable by Christians and Jews so they don’t get killed. Muslims don’t pay jizya. It may not make sense to you now but soon you will be told to pay protection tax. They may call it whatever but it is the jizya. And since only Christian communities will be attacked only Christians will have to pay.
Am going to stop here and update you as things unfold.
Yours in Christ
Abdul’rahman Mohammed
Please copy and share on all your social networks. [truncated by WhatsApp]

  ( Countered & Cornered)
Firstly,  there is no evidence that she was killed by Muslims, Because she lives in a place that is perhaps dominated by Muslims doesn’t mean the evil that befell her must have been done by Muslim .
Secondly, Buhari didn’t speak on time on the issue of the herdsmen radicalism. However, he has given security agency the power to clamp down on any Fulani herdsman carrying weapons or attacking civilians. To crown it all, these herdsmen  have attacked Muslims also. The Muslim farmers of the north and some Northern christians were the first to suffer from their act of destruction.
Lastly, I don’t know how this bigot get to marry Islamic teachings with an act of Govt (Democracy)  which isn’t recommended by Islamic teachings.
        *  Jizya *
It Is a tax paid to the Islamic Muslim Government that operates an Quran & Hadith as their constitution. While the non Muslims pays Jizya, the Muslim pays zakat. I don’t see anything wrong in a Muslim country collecting tax from Muslim and non MUSLIMS that have the means.
Now,  we have seen that SOME Nigeria Christians are so frustrated that they can’t live without Orchestrating propaganda. They are shameless and frustrated In life. We will continue to expose their lies.
The Bible also have a message to theses set of Christians;
Revelation 21:8  ALL LIARS, shall have their part in the LAKE which BURNETH with FIRE and BRIMSTONE: which is the second DEATH.

Below are some of many legacies of the assumed father of Nigeria Democracy.
“Firstly, in spite of the preponderance of Muslims in the South West, he appointed no single Muslim as minister in the whole region for almost four years.
Secondly, he marginalized Muslims in the deliberations which took place in the National Conference by appointing a meager 189 Muslims as against 303 Christians. What kind of leader pursues such gross imbalance in his policies by giving a higher number of delegates to a minority group? How can deliberations of such a conference receive popular acceptance? 
Thirdly, Mr. President saturated the security system in Aso Rock with Israeli security operatives, a nation well known for its animosity towards Muslims. Why are we not surprise that those intercepted with 9.3 million dollars in South Africa, one among the is an Israeli. GEJs marginalisation is also inhibited by his pal, fayose.
         #Fayose, the Pal of GEJ
*   Fayose accusing Buhari of lop sidedness *.
Ekiti has a very large Muslim population, yet fayose cabinet speaks, smells and vomit marginalisation of Muslims.
Fayose as a Christian “With a Christian Deputy Governor, a Christian speaker, a Christian Deputy Speaker, and a Christian Chief of Staff; Fayose’s hypocrisy becomes crystal clear.”
All the fourteen (14) commissioners in the State are Christians. All the special advisers except one are Christians. All the twenty six (26) permanent secretaries are Christians”
The State’s 5-member boards are all Christians including Ekiti State University (EKSU) except one, which has a Muslim member. The 7-member boards of colleges of education and that of health technology are all Christians. All the sixteen (16) education secretaries are Christians while all the sixteen (16) local government caretaker chairmen except one are Christians”, .
Despite all these marginalisation, Muslims kept their coolness.
For me,    I will continue to expose these ethno-religious bigot and We will match their lies with our pen of truth.
God bless you all.



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  2. Yemi

    That Luke 19: 27 was coated out of context. You are wrong for that. You can’t interprete Bible without allowing the Holy Spirit to help you. You miss that point sir.



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