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Shehu Jimoh Bn Sulayman calls Kemi Olunloyo a Dunse and replies to her blasphemies against the Quran

kemi olunloyo should know her limit: journalism.  A Rat doesn’t work as a Cat, neither does an Engineer takes the position of a Doctor. If you have no qualifications in any field, you have no business trying to speak or writing on it. Kemi olunloyo is a journalist who should keep whatever her Businesses is in journalism, but trying Mis match that with ISLAMIC scholarship is like a brick layer trying to speak on astronomy or geophysics, any sane individual can see how repugnant and morally reprehensible that is.
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Brother Bassam Zawadi made a post on the Holocaust here 👉
and how he visited the place called the holocaust site. His remarks were quite emotional and he urged some Muslims who deny it to acknowledged it(The Holocaust actually took place) .
He said:
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