Shehu Jimoh Bn Sulayman calls Kemi Olunloyo a Dunse and replies to her blasphemies against the Quran

kemi olunloyo should know her limit: journalism.  A Rat doesn’t work as a Cat, neither does an Engineer takes the position of a Doctor. If you have no qualifications in any field, you have no business trying to speak or writing on it. Kemi olunloyo is a journalist who should keep whatever her Businesses is in journalism, but trying Mis match that with ISLAMIC scholarship is like a brick layer trying to speak on astronomy or geophysics, any sane individual can see how repugnant and morally reprehensible that is.

Although, she has gotten no Degree in
Arabic (classical Arabic)
Science of Quran
Science of Hadith
Not even a leaflet degree in cleaning the dust from the printing machine used in printing Quran or Hadith, she decides to speak about Quran, and I am here to answer her garrulous, gabby, chatty , Blabby, motor mouthed  demagogues.

Her first gaffe was the invective remark on an important right of hajj: this Solecism she made while attacking the Bible.  The remak was made at the end of the article here =>

Kemi olunloyo :
Religion is the biggest lie to mankind. I see people heading to #Mecca to stone the devil. The devil is already in your home, office, everywhere and many DIE in stampedes there! I’m not religious, I’m spiritual.

Now, it is important for my dearest readers to know that kemi is a Christian who claimed to be spiritual. Many of her statements showed that she is liberal not the so-called spiritual she claimed. To be spiritual is off shoot of religion, now where does she get this spiritualism from: Christianity. Any way, Spritiual is used for highly religious person and is also used for religion itself; example,
If  any one who needs a spiritual guidance and comes to me , I will direct them to you.
The person the remark is said to is a Muslim who fathom Islamic Religion very well, so when a less learned MUSLIM needs help on any area of Islam, he will be directed to approach him  because he is Knowledgeable ABOUT ISLAM.

  The dangers of this is; what is wrong today may become right tomorrow because of perception and personal intuition. It lacks basic and objective code of morality. Unlike religions I. E Islam whose objective code of morality is Quran and Hadith: the principles and regulations herein doesn’t change till the end of time.
  One creepy thing about being spiritual is; one may eventually end up in the dungeon of spooky actions just like Alester Crowley and Anton Szandor LaVey .

On aspect of religion is a big lie, indeed her statements without evidence is as false as flying spaghetti monster. Perhaps she is referring to her Christianity as false, that will make alot of sense.
The Islamic religion has superficial evidence to prove it is true and internal evidence also.

In the third chapter of the Quran called Surah imran, God (Allah) said:
    The Only religion acceptable to him, is ISLAM. (QURAN ch 3 vs 19)

God almighty again said in the same chapter of  verse 85 :

For us Muslims, not only do we proclaim that Islamic religion is the only way to success on the day of ressurection because it is acomplete code of life (superficial evidence), but also have clear proofs from the Holy Quran(internal evidence).

Lastly on her gaffes and Blabby:
see people heading to #Mecca to stone the devil. The devil is already in your home, office, everywhere and many DIE in stampedes there!
If kemi posses a minute faculty of thinking, she should have known that Muslims don’t go to mecca to stone devil. They migrate to mecca for hajj(pilgrimage), and not solely to stone devil as she Spuriously implied subtly. The stoning at jamarat is part of rituals that are performed while doing hajj.
This stoning is symbolic in the Islamic tradition. For purpose of clarification, THE ACT OF STONING WAS INSPIRED by God through angel Gabriel. The Devil appeared at a distance IN front of Abraham pbuh in makkah three different times and for those three different times, GABRIEL told Abraham pbuh to stone him, and all of these three times, he stoned  Satan and it vanishes. The devils aim was to prevent him from doing specific Islamic act of worship, but he failed woefully just like kemi is going to fail superb woefully.
So when Muslims stone at a specific pillar, In makkah, it is an act of symbolism of how Satan was defeated by Abraham when he came to mecca.
As regards the stampede, it is normal for people to die, it is natural and inevitable. The death of people in makkah while on hajj isn’t intentionally orchestrated by any individual.
Since kemi was born, how many times has she heard of hajj stampede, other than now!
If Canada or Dubai were to give kemi visas  today, she may(will) collect and fly in through an aeroplane, is she not aware that people die in plane crash? Why don’t she visit Dubai or Canada in her room? Oh I get it: to have a good life, on the other hand, Muslims goes to hajj to fulfil a major religious obligations, that guarantees a perfect hereafter when done perfectly. It will shock you to know that the number of people who have died in plane crash are much more than hajj stampede. There is Hadly any year one wouldn’t hear about plane crash in any part of the world, yet hajj is a major problem to Kemi. What hallucination and bigotry!

Kemi statement that Quran needs to be recycled is not only childish, but expression
Of highest level of ignorance, invective and outdated method of thinking. It also shows that she is intolerant as a subtle liberal just like the Terroristic extremist.

The extremist and liberal are same . They often like to take things to the other end instead of the middle. The extremist takes things too serious and the liberal takes things with too much levity. They both don’t agree with each other and both claim to be right in most dispositions and are self centered.
By Eseoghene AL Faruq & Bn Sulayman

Since kemi loves Jesus and Mary I presume, it is of valid significance that I say this Quran refuted the lies of Jews against Mary that she was a whore(God forbid and forgive me for uttering remarks of latter heretics),
Quran says
In the chapter of Mary( surah Maryam ch 19)
   When the heretics Jews were mocking Mary/Jesus PBUTHEM  in some of their writings, God revealed many verses in QURAN refuting their false stance. Above are just few from many. According to the dunce belief of kemi, this verses should be thorn away. Is so funny that she will still claim to love Jesus and even name her self kesus even when the book she said should be shredded to pieces exonerated her heroes “spiritual heroes” , what a FALSE LOVE DECEPTIVELY WRAPPED IN LIP SERVICE OF I LOVE JESUS. SHAME!

For some of these pseudo spiritual and liberal like kemi, utterances without first and final evaluations is prevailing.
If you ask her the following questions, her answer will be in the affirmative, but her aftermath actions and utterances speaks otherwise.
1. Kemi, do you stand for the oppressed?
2. Do you support the non objectifying females sexually?
3. Do you support truth at all time?
4. Do you support care for the poor?
5. The orphans and the elderly?
  I can say with gross certainty that her answers will be in affirmation. Then, how dare kemi call for the obliteration of Quran which she share certain beliefs with without first tearing to pieces her self?
  Hypocrisy and COWardice!

In no particular order of the above questions, verses of Quran, have been provided that supports the above mentioned.

📖Allah Almighty does not like the Weak and Oppressed ones who have little will, except for those who truly have no choice and no escape. 4:97-99
📖Do not sexually objectify male or female even in your mind or by dressing. 24:30-31.
📖Do not accept wicked and corrupt things, money or wealth. 4:2
📖Do not corrupt the lands, the earth, people, creations. 7:56, 7:85
📖Say kind things to people. 4:5, 4:8-9
📖 Do not entrust the weak in mind with your wealth. 4:5
📖Take care of the Orphans. 4:3, 4:6, 4:8-9, 4:127, 6:152
📖Do not bribe or take bribery. Also, corrupt money is forbidden 2:188
📖Do not lie on people, and do not throw your sins and mistakes on people. 4:112, 22:30
📖Blessed are those who concile between people. 4:114
📖 Blessed are those who do good to people. 4:114, 4:124, 22:77
📖Do not advertise or propagate evil, nor boast about evil to the people. 4:146-149
📖Do not be a murderer. 5:27-32, 17:33, 25:68
📖Do not be biased in favor of your family 9:23
📖Do not utter slander (‏ هماز مشاء بنميم). 60:12, 68:11
📖Be kind to parents, relatives, wayfarers, the needy, orphans. 2:83, 16:90, 17:23-24, 30:38, 31:14, 89:17-20, 93:9-11, 107:1-3
Take care of the Orphans. 4:3, 4:6, 4:8-9, 4:127, 6:152
📖Do not assume responsibility or authority over things that you have no knowledge of (‏ ولاتقف ماليس لك به علم). 17:36
📖Do not bully disbelievers who are living peacefully with you.  Be kind and just with them.  Treat them with kindness and justice. لاينهاكم الله عن الذين لم يقاتلوكم في الدين ولم يخرجوكم من دياركم ان تبروهم وتقسطوا اليهم ان الله يحب المقسطين.  Also, do not be a bully!  Bullying people and being resented by them is detested by Allah Almighty.  Do not be rude, brash or arrogant towards people.
📖 Do not impose your will on people. 60:8, 68:12-13, 38:26, 42:42

These few moral codes from many in Quran are enough to stand my point.

A true Muslims can not be feared by a non anti social element, however for Liers, robbers, oppressors, exploiters etc, muslims they will surely fear and they still fear today.
The Quran is a guidance to humanity and light upon light for those who believes in it and it is loss after loss for those who disbelieve In it like kemi.

Chapter of Abraham ch 14 vs 52
Here is a Message for mankind: Let them take warning therefrom, and let them know that He is [no other than] One Allah: let men of understanding take heed.

Surah zummar ch 39 vs 41
Verily We have revealed the Book to thee in Truth, for [instructing] mankind. He, then, that receives guidance benefits his own soul: but he that strays injures his own soul. Nor art thou set over them to dispose of their affairs.

Surah Baqaraah ch 2 vs 2
This is the Book; in it is guidance sure, without doubt, to those who fear Allah;

   No sane human can tear the Quran except those who suffers from first grade insanity beyond the walls of psychiatric hospital.

She crowned her hallucination with ALLAH WILL DISOWN MUSLIMS IF THEY DON’T TEAR THE QURAN.
This is not only unchristian but un spiritual for any one to speak unbehalf of God in what God never send him or her to say. Such is great lie and falsehood. Allah almighty has a reply to such demented people like kemi from Quran.

Surah Nisa ch 4:50
See, how they invent lies about Allah! That of itself is flagrant sin.

Chapter of Jonah ch 10 vs 60
  And what think those who invent lies against Allah, on the Day of Resurrection? (i.e. Do they think that they will be forgiven and excused! Nay, they will have an eternal punishment in the Fire of Hell). Truly, Allah is full of Bounty to mankind, but most of them are ungrateful.

  Surah Nahl ch 16 vs 74
So coin not similitudes for ALLAH. Surely ALLAH knows and you know not.

Just like the bible, the Koran is a tool of destruction. No reasonable muslim should ever touch it.
On the first aspect, she can’t provides how Quran is a tool of destruction which was an epic failure on her pomposity and chatty ignorance.
I have shown what God says in his Quran: where he says Quran is guidance for believers.

So, Any reasonable Muslim will continuously reads and Practicalise the commandments. In it: is solace for the suffering, guidance to the erring , assurance to those in doubt.

A non rational being like kemi would not come close to it because it is for the PEOPLE OF INTELLECT (and not people of illusions(spiritual less kemi ). See Quran 39:42.

Because of the Koran, Yahya Jammeh of #Gambia who always holds one visibly everywhere he goes and islamized his country has refused to step down. Because of the Koran #ISIS is cutting prisoner’s heads off like slaughtered goats. Jihad all over the world, because of the Koran, muslim men are marrying up to 4 women and we have 94,000 pregnant women…WITH HIV in #Zamfara state #Nigeria with polygamous homes spreading the disease.
I must make it clear that Islam and Quran are from God  meant to perfect people(muslims), but Muslims aren’t perfect.
Some come close, but the majority aren’t.

  🚫   (    On Yahya Jammeh )❕
≠> There is no evidence that Quran made him not to step down.
≠> There is no where in Quran where an ISLAMIC country practice Democracy.
≠> Thirdly, with all the democracy that Africa have been forced to swallow, there is none as horrific as the DEMONCRAZY forced on Libyans. Libya was on her way to becoming a first World country according to me, before America destroyed it. Libya with democracy is less better than hell and is not even compared to the peace and success they enjoyed without democracy. There are alot of things which Libya with Ghaddfi without democracy enjoyed that even America with Demoncrazy didn’t enjoyed: you get married, you  get a present from the head of state, you give birth, the share of wealth of the new born is guaranteed. I can go on and on, But this is OK for me.
≠> Countries who kemi share common ideology with are known radicals Who force another way of life on people at the expense of their life. Middle East used to be peaceful before kemi power drunken ideology radicals invaded them, looted their gold, rape their women and drill their oil under the pretence of Chemical weapon. Weapon which were never found!
     🗽   ( On ISIS )🗽
Kemi whose profile reads her profession as a journalist seem to be bereft of investigative journalism.
  She can’t even detect THAT Terrorists organisations were all created by America and the remaining ones(Bokoharam and shabab) arecreated by Democratic politicians.
Anyway, much will not be said on this as Hillary Clinton has given an answer to her dull brains here:
  🔇   (    On Jihad  ) 🔍
In Arabic جحاد means to struggle; to strive for good etc.
It will interest you that am actually doing jihad right now.
jihad has several contextual meaning.

🔀It means the perfect pilgrimage(hajj) _(Hadith)
🔀It means to speak a word of truth against the tyrant ruler _(Hadith)
🔀It means restraining yourself against your ill desires. (_Hadith)
🔀It means fighting for the OPPRESSED

  Though, islam is a Peacful religion but not a pacifist Religion.
That Is; When there is need for force to be used, islam allows it.

Let say somebody is about to rape kemi, and I happen to come across such action about to take place, Quran and Hadith says I must defend kemi. Even if it means me loosing my life, but I must defend her from the rapist. Now this is the same Quran that kemi is clamouring people to shred to pieces. What ingratitude!

Quran Ch2: 193. And fight them(oppressors) on until there is no more Tumult or oppression, and there prevail justice and faith in Allah; but if they cease, Let there be no hostility except to those who practise oppression.

Lastly, following the doctrine of jihad, Muslims all over the world are known to be most charitable people , even in England, Muslims take stage.

This is because jihad contextually means to give charity without expecting anything in return except rewards (paradise).
  👱 👤👱   (On Polygyny) 👱👤👱
The Quran instruct Muslim men to marry women of their choice from 2 to 4 or better still marry one if they can’t cater for them through justice (and other wise).

To claim marrying 4 wives causes the spread of HIV is spurious and redundant In thinking. It is as marrying at all causes the spread of HIV, therefore, no one should marry. Clap for your ignominy.
   Extra marital intercourse is one of the major causes of HIV aid spread. No wonder “spiritual liberals” and other Godless society can give out this for free a day(WORLD CONDOM DAY FEB. 13) before ( Valentine’s Day FEB. 14) and call it condoms day while sanitary pad cannot be provided for free to menstruating women(at the age of menstrual cycle).
   Another cause of HIV aid is using infected object that was fore used by an infected individuals. This was the main cause of HIV spread in Zamfara State.
Needles, blade and other object that CAN transfer HIV aid was commonly used by other people seeing things from a communal aspect and not knowing the underlying dangers of their actions. There is no authentic medical report which shows that many of the HIV infected individual were promiscuous, but however there are many reports from infected people who agreed to have used object already used.
Benue topped the list for a long time and now River state is in charge.
   How Muslim is Benue or Rivers? How much polygamy do they involve in?
   When people like kemi are bereft of common sense, this how they expose IN public their home based habitual stupidity.
So goodbye to such ruse of words by kemi and her invectives. Polygamy don’t spread disease just like monogamy. It is one of the way to cage people off from promiscuity_which kemi didn’t mentioned)  that spread HIV and other stds .

Why is there pedophilia in the Koran? Pedophilia is highly unacceptable. Defiling kids is insanity, something many of you joke and laugh about. Remember earlier this year that disgusting filthy elephant #TokunboAboderin made a video saying my father defiled me at 13yo when he came home drunk fathering my own son. I didn’t even have kids till 22yo and the brainwashed illiterates believed her.
Kemi has made another childish remark again. Paedophilia is forbidden in Islamic sources (Quran and Hadith).
Since kemi can’t quote a single reference where God say Muslims are allowed to be paedophile, we here by conclude that kemi should be stripped off her journalism licence if she have any. It shows how people who see their self at the top can decide to manipulate people to believe what doesn’t exist. Am aware of a verse that is generally misquoted by cowards and bigots but contextual reading of the verse shows no paedophile. However, a general explanation on age of marriage is expedient for here. For Every where God almighty talks about marriage, he mostly accompanies it with ASHUDDAH (MATURITY: PHYSICAL, AND PSYCHOLOGICAL). Therefore, if a Muslim male/female is to get married if s/he is yet to get to the age of ashuddah (physical and psychological maturity), Quran says don’t get married.
On Alcohol,  she wasn’t referring to Muslims, but God prohibited it in the Islamic Scriptures.
God called it; “THE HANDIWORK OF SATAN” so abstain from it (Quran ch 5 vs 90).
The Prophet of Islam pbuh called it
It is common that if you tell a man to rape, kill, he may look at you like a disaster. However, if he becomes drunk with alcohol,
He can beat his mother ,
Slap his father ,
Rape his neighbor’s daughter and
Kill his wife.
That’s a simple example why it is called Satan handiwork and mother of all evil.

You reply or you accept their lies as truth. Many muslims have been caught defiling young teens. Why is this in the Koran? Who are the infidels the Koran is asking others to kill? Tear up these nonentity religious books of doom which are tools of death. Many killed in terrorist attacks simply because they could not RECITE the Quran.
➡On the first aspect, because Muslims (some, not even up-to a handful) defile young teens doesn’t make it Quranic or ISLAMIC . With due respect to the Catholic Church, there is none who have defiled children to a monumental extent like Catholic priests! However, the Vatican was able to cover up many and few were only publicised by the media. It became a contention for sociologist that they suggested the flank change of some flank  aspects of monastic oat on marriage abstinence. The point is because many priest did it doesn’t make it right, Biblical(and other Catholic writings) or an acts of the church fathers. It is wrong!

➡The infidel the Quran is asking one to kill are those who wants to kill you. They are the one who oppress you and among them is an example of a rapist who at the verge of shooting you after you refused to lie with him kemi,(whether a necrophilia he is or not) I sneaked towards him from the back and land on his head a giant piece of rock and he died. This was after he had knocked me down thinking I was dead while I was trying to defend you and your pride.

Quran 2: 193. And fight them(oppressors) on until there is no more Tumult or oppression, and there prevail justice and faith in Allah; but if they cease, Let there be no hostility except to those who practise oppression.

Quran 22: 39. To those against whom war is made, permission is given [to fight], because they are wronged;- and verily, Allah is most powerful for their aid;

Quran 60 8. Allah forbids you not, with regard to those who fight you not for [your] Faith nor drive you out of your homes, from dealing kindly and justly with them: for Allah loveth those who are just.

➡Lastly on this part, it is you kemi who had shown how childish you are. None of your statement and accusations against Quran did you precede with apple verses and you claim to be a trained journalist who can’t apply the most easiest tool in crediting a report or discrediting it: proofs. What levity yours, which preceded with foul mouthed gaffes, This is totally Ignominy And preposterous. What  cowardice!
Inclusively, Muslims have suffered from terrorist attack more than any other individuals, they have received psychological backlash more,  receive physical harm more, they are discriminated more, their countries have been invaded more by so called “spiritual liberals” more than any other. So, Muslims actually suffer from TEREORISM be it a direct attack by the spirit field Europeans or an armed bandit among Muslims by spirit filled liberal Europeans. Read more on this Here≠>

A way of screening muslim hostages, free them and kill the brainwashed Christians. It happened at #Westgate mall in #Kenya. My grandmother died at 102 in 2013 and was the most famous muslim woman in #Ibadan #Nigeria. Alhaja Bintu Tejumola Olunloyo will tell you #Islam is a religion of peace and I will say AMEN to that but to that Koran, I would like to bury it on my shit when I’m about to FLUSH the toilet. Spiritual Muslims is what the world needs now not Koran addicts. My former moronic neighbor once slammed his Koran on the ground to swear.

➡It is true that AL Shabab did that to Christians in Kenya. Let me make it clear that this terrorists groups has killed and captured Muslims also. Whoever they kill, at the end of the day, Muslim suffer from the emotional, psychological depression, stigmatization and oppression  of the innocent Muslims.
Again, muslims has also put up a resilience stance against AL shabab by not only condemning them but by also proclaiming IN front of alshabba whilst they were captured along side christians:
According to , in 2015 alone, America dropped 23144 bombs on Muslim countries, while MUSLIM countries dropped 0 bomb In America. Any Christian or Jew to shield MUSLIMS? No!

➡Whether you flush the Quran or not, it is memorised by millions of Muslims. Whether you slammed the Quran on the ground or your neighbor did, it is revered by over 1 to 2 billion Muslims. I said it earlier that there is no difference between liberalist “spiritual” like you and extremist. Both of you are Twain IN intolerance. You have showed your hatred and low mentality. Your love for Jesus pbuh is lip service, and fantasy. Since you don’t believe in Bible and hate Quran you should have proved to us who Jesus is without the above holy books. You should have proved his existence to us Anthropologically and Archeologically  and see your epic failure. At your age and your profession inclusive, you can’t show a single reference for your spurious claims that are mere postulations and allegations Wrapped in ruse.
I am waiting for your reply, show me what you got pseudo lover of Jesus pbuh. Bring all your intellectual arsenal and I will rub your face in the Dust.

     Surah Fussilat ch 41 vs 41-42
Those who reject the Message when it comes to them [are not hidden from Us]. And indeed it is a Book of exalted power.
. No falsehood can approach it from before or behind it: It is sent down by One Full of Wisdom, Worthy of all Praise.

Surah Fussilat ch 41 vs 44
It(Quran) is a Guide and a Healing to those who believe; and for those who believe not, there is a deafness in their ears, and it is blindness in their [eyes]: They are [as it were] being called from a place far distant!”

By: Shehu Jimoh Bn Sulayman
Wattsapp no. 2348098080245


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  1. Extracool

    I took my time … but it was worth it. I just hope she will take 5 mins of her time to read it and verify the evidence before her eyes.
    May Allah guide us to the straight path



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