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Election offendersRivers State: Poor Men Don’t Buy Guns!

Let’s talk about violence in Rivers State.
Since the inception of the administration of His Excellency Governor Nysom Wike, the level of violence in Rivers State has reached scandalous dimensions. Keep on reading!


Religion Is a Social Science, so Why Isn’t It Studied Like One?

While devotees of various faiths sometimes believe their religion was handed down whole cloth sometime during the Axial Age — or slightly earlier, as in Judaism, or later, as in Islam — we’d better be able to wrap our heads around religion if we treated it as a social science. At heart, that’s the function religion plays: a consensus of beliefs regarding that community’s relationship to its place and time.
Climate change, same-sex marriage, abortion — but a few modern issues being debated through the lens of antiquity. The reality, however, is that we’re really viewing the issues with current eyes, as much as some like to insert Jesus or Muhammad into the conversation. Magical thinking is part of our neural history: Despite Donald Trump’s recent banter about Mexicans, John McCain, and Lindsey Graham, certain segments of social conservatives actually took the biggest issue with his commentary regarding divine forgiveness.
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Why Does the Media Refuse to Call White Murderers Terrorists

​In the aftermath of the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood shooting, one thing absent from the media was any mention of 57-year-old shooter Robert Dear being labeled a terrorist. Same goes for the Charleston Church shooting. This is in stark contrast to the Paris shootings, in which, before any information whatsoever was available, media (and social media) streams were preemptively deluged with the term. 
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The Bible or the Koran: Which Holy Book Is More Violent?


Much like one of my earlier columns — the Daily News’ cover on Facebook has labeled white mass murderers in America as terrorists. What followed was not uncommon; in fact, it’s something I see on this site’s Facebook page all the time: an explosive tirade against Islam and the violence the religion perpetuates.
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Top 10 Countries With Maximum Rape Crimes

Rape is a particularly complex crime to analyse, in several parts of the world, it is very rarely reported. Women in some countries are much less likely to have their complaint recorded, due to the extreme social stigma cast on women who have been raped, or subjected to violence or the fear of being disowned by their families.

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Caliph shekau and (Pope)apostle Suleman 

Some days ago, a friend posted a video of a pre-insurgent Shekau on my WhatsApp chat site. I found it a very a revealing video because the Shekau most of us have come to know was the one that had always been shown in the media dressed in military fatigue, standing somewhere in the bush, presumably in the north-east and holding an AK47 rifle, with his ragtag foot soldiers at the background. He would be seen defiantly looking into the camera haranguing his audience on the justification of his murderous cause and what would befall the nation when his troops overrun the country. 
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