Or rather he fools those that can be fooled….

He was a President facing a myriad of domestic political problems, ranging from being the first American President to have the worst public approval ratings within the first 100 days in office, to being investigated by both the Congress and the entire​     security establishments for possible collusion with Russians to undermine the corporate integrity of the United States, which is simply a diplomatic way of accusing President Trump of being a Russian spy, and which could ultimately lead to his impeachment… Well, until Syria’s brutal dictator, Bashar Assad “foolishly” gave him a gift that suddenly deflected public and global attention from the huge mess confronting Trump at home!

Donald J. Trump who rode into the White House on the wave of his rabid hatred for Muslims (both small and big) suddenly became a lover and protector of big and small Muslims that are being brutally massacred by Bashar Assad with bombs, guns and chemical weapons in Syria with the cruel help of Russia’s Vladimir Putin and the dictators in Iran, and it’s not as if this is something new in Syria that just popped up shortly after Trump became US President; no, this systematic mass murder of Syrians by ISIS and their allies on one hand, and Bashar Assad, Russia and Iran on the other hand has been going on for about 7 years now!

So, what is new? Actually there is nothing new…. No, sorry…. There is something new: Donald Trump claims that the pictures of “beautiful babies” wriggling and dying of pains by the chemical attack launched on Syrians by their brutal ruler Bashar Assad a few days ago which killed about 80 people made him change his mind about Syria, culminating in his decision to rain 59 Tomahawk missiles on a Syrian airbase as a cold warning to Assad, which is glaringly contrary to his position of not interfering in Syria, and which also completely contradicts his position in 2015 when this same Bashar Assad used the same chemical weapons to kill about 1, 400 Syrians!

In 2013, Donald Trump staunchly warned and opposed President Barak Obama from taking any military action in Syria over that gruesome massacre with chemical weapons. In fact, he tweeted a message to President Obama saying ‘TO OUR FOOLISH LEADER, DON’T ATTACK SYRIA….’, and this was after 1, 400 human beings were massacred by Assad using chemical weapons. And even when this same cold and heartless Assad bombed a hospital in Aleppo last year, killing sick people including babies, Trump opposed any action against Syria. But now Trump has had a “change of heart” after 80 people were massacred by the same man and with the same weapon at a time Trump is President but facing huge domestic crisis that has exposed him as nothing than a hard-faced comic that cannot even lead a comic orchestra much more a nation!

Trump claims that the pictures of these “beautiful babies” among the 80 people that died of the effects of the chemical attack changed his mind, but he saw several pictures of other “beautiful babies” among the 1, 400 people that died of the same thing in 2013 but which he vigorously campaigned against the US taking action in deterrence, and in a cold demonstration of his actual state of mind, he campaigned against the admission of refugees from Syria among others into the USA, knowing full well that these refugees, especially those from Syria, were escaping life made difficult and meaningless by brutes like Bashar Assad who don’t blink at all in using any weapon that suits their perverted fancy!

In 2015, the picture of a dead 5 year old Syrian boy was washed up to the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, and it happened that the boy was a refugee alongside his parents who were fleeing the joint brutality of ISIS and Bashar Assad. Anyone with access to the Internet or newspapers in all parts of the world saw that grim, stomach turning picture of that lifeless boy who died in some kind of posture of some uncomfortable sleep. Question is, did Donald Trump miss that heart wrenching picture so much that he campaigned against refugees from Syria taking refuge in more secured places? Trump not only campaigned against the admission of all forms of refugees into the US, but he also mocked countries like Germany, Sweden, Canada and others who took in large numbers of refugees fleeing monsters like Assad and ISIS, but didn’t that picture alone convince him of the need to be compassionate to people fleeing disasters and massacres, or didn’t it convince him to nudge and encourage President Obama and other world leaders to do what he did to Syria few days ago to serve as deterrence? Perhaps, this last chemical attack against “beautiful babies” wouldn’t have happened if the hatred and bigotry of people like Trump didn’t overwhelm them to campaign against decisive action in the past, isn’t it?

Well, since pictures of dying children did not evoke mercy and compassion for Trump in 2013 and 2015 but have become potent in 2017 to “change the mind” of Trump to the point of ordering a military strike to “deter” Assad from gassing children and adults to death again, it becomes important to tap into this new found compassion in Trump to table before him certain other grim pictures he may have “missed” several years ago to enable him amend certain executive decisions he took since assumption of office:

1. Am sure Trump hasn’t missed seeing photos and videos of very thin, hungry children with swollen heads and bellies occasioned by severe hunger and malnutrition in places like South-Sudan, Haiti, Ethiopia, Somalia, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Yemen, Chad, Palestine, and so on. Well, Trump should recollect those grim images in his mind, and then undo his recent budget proposal in which he deliberately cut out foreign aid to such places of hunger and disasters. This will be better than deploying troops and warships to rain missiles on despots…. Compassion is best shown when refugees are catered for, right?

2. Well, since Trump has buried his “America First” mantra by that military strike he ordered on Syria, he should just go ahead now and completely change his obnoxious refugee policy, which has culminated in his well stated ban of people from certain countries (which includes this same Syria) from entering the United States, and which has remained stuck in law courts. If he is willing to bomb countries as his show of “compassion” for massacred “beautiful babies”, then he should be willing and ready to absorb “beautiful babies” fleeing from countries that they are not safe in, isn’t it?

President Trump is at the crossroad of either choosing to confirm that his military strike on Syria was sheer opportunism of cashing in on an opportunity to deflect both local and global attention from his domestic political problems, or that he truly never meant to isolate America from global issues and crisis as he reiterated several times in his campaigns of which his first major policy thrusts since he assumed office were in confirmation of his isolationist rhetoric. Either way, by this military strike alone, he has sucked himself into the very globalization he holds in contempt, and as the days go by he will increasingly face mounting pressures to “interven” in other similar or dissimilar global issues. And we have seen proof of this when he made a major U-turn a couple of days ago when he said NATO is not obsole, contrary to his claims at every campaign speech that NATO was obsole!

Oh! Lest I forget….. President Trump’s son, Eric brought a whole new dimension to the Syria strike story few days ago when he told a British newspaper that it was his sister, Ivanka Trump who motivated their father to order a strike on Syria to avenge the killings of those “beautiful babies” because she was overwhelmed with sadness and compassion when she saw pictures of those dying children!

And do you know what this means? It simply means that President Trump lied about him being moved by the gory sight of those dying babies which were gassed by Bashar Assad…. It probably underscores the impression he has shown to the world during his campaigns and through his controversial executive orders banning refugees and (some) Muslims from entering the US that he is a man without compassion and humane feelings, and which further means Americans and the world should thank God Almighty that Trump has a daughter with compassion and mercy, unlike him, which also means if anything good comes from the Trump Presidency we know who to look to.

Oops! Okay, what if Eric Trump actually meant to tell us that it was his sister Ivanka who actually saw that the Syria gas massacre presented an opportunity for their father to deflect local and international attention from their domestic political problems, and then possibly generate for him an upswing in favorable public opinion? My point here is underscored by the fact that Ivanka Trump also knew of the 2013 chemical attack in Syria, and also knew about the mass exodus of refugees out of Syria and other troubled spots between 2013 and 2015, but why didn’t she emotionally influence her dad from antagonizing President Obama against taking action at that time, and why didn’t she help shape his campaign rhetoric to be compassionate to refugees during the electioneering process! Twice her father signed executive orders against refugees and against some Muslims, including Syrians, from entering the US, but why didn’t she influence him with her emotions during those two occasions to be considerate?

But that’s not all…. Very importantly, if a ruler or leader is moved by pictures and emotions and (or) opportunism to make crucial decisions such as Trump did on Syria, it only means such a ruler or leader has no clear mission or idea or strategy on what to do and how to do it. He will be merely driven by every wind of emotion and sight that come towards him, which makes him susceptible to making rash decisions based on sight and emotions. And such rulers or leaders are dangerous in both short and long runs. The fact that President Trump has made more than 10 flip-flops on his campaign promises in just less than the first 100 days of his Presidency has made his core supporters worried. Therefore the world should be equally worried.

Welcome to the world of Donald Trump where what it seems is not what it seems!

◦ Sharon Faliya Cham
Source : Sharon Faliya



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