​#Firdausa: UNINTELLIGENT ranting of a supposedly INTELLIGENT PEOPLE 

When the story of #Firdaus broke of how she defiled the Council of Legal Education discriminatory policy towards Muslim women, some not very bright fellow decided to air their opinion which was stupid and idiotic half the time. Not surprising, some mothers do have them. What was however interesting was how some supposedly intelligent people brains suddenly went on vacation. 
 One of the most disturbing writeup I read was that of Inibehe Effiong. In his Facebook post few days ago he wrote: 

“You cannot quote the Quran to justify the violation of secular laws of a secular institution in a secular country. The Quran, The Bible, Seven Book of Moses and other holy books should never be used to justify lawlessness or invalidate national laws.”

Firstly, it is idiotic to infer that #Firdausa refusal to remove her Hijab was an act of “lawlessness”. She never got to the point of violating any rules as she was denied entrance to the hall of the call to bar ceremony. 

Secondly, it was the insistence of the authority of the institution that Muslim women remove their Hijab that was contrary to our national laws not the action of #Firdausa who insisted on her rights. There are at least two separate Appeal Court decisions that ruled that the right to wear the Hijab is a fundamental human right issue and hence protected under the Right to Religion contained in Chapter 4 of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Thirdly, according to Inibehe Effiong if a Law or rule is enacted or made today through any legislative process we must all obey the law even when it violates our inalienable rights as human beings and against the provisions of our constitution. 

With this logic people like Gani were bastards for resisting laws that were legitimately made. America Civil Right leaders like Rosa Parks who refused to obey the simple rule of standing up for a white man to seat was a crazy woman who should be languishing in jail and not celebrated. According to this failed logic, if a Law is made banning Christians from celebrating Christmas, Inibehe Effiong have to obey the law without complain. 

You have to be retarded to think Inibehe Effiong actually believe this nonsense. But the thing with him and many of his type is that when Islam is mentioned it is like somebody reach out to them, take hold of their heads, open it and remove their brains if they still have it. 

He justified the humiliation and bullying of Muslim ladies because they insist on using the Hijab. He talks about obeying secular laws even after his attention was drawn to a two different Appeal Court decisions that ruled that the Hijab is a fundamental human right issue. 

He wants every Muslim woman to emulate the daughter of the President who succumbed to pressure and removed her Hijab on the day of her call to bar ceremony, but he would not tell Christian ladies to emulate the wife of the former President Goodluck Jonathan. 

The argument against #Firdausa has not intellectual basis. This is why the position of Inibehe Effiong is very much unfortunate. Anybody that has gone through the Nigeria Law School must know that the institution is dictatorial and how law is taught and practice needs a urgent fix. So why would a supposedly intelligent activist lawyer support such vile treatment of people by a broken and archaic institution?

Nigeria Muslim women can travel half way across the world to the US, England and other developed secular countries, study law and be called to the bar of any of these countries. Despite always being on Hijab, at no time would they asked to remove it or be humiliated over the use of it. Is it not strange that despite borrowing from England our laws, rules and procedures we added humiliating Muslim women as part of our own legal traditions? 

Depriving #Firdausa the privilege of being called to the Nigeria Bar despite being qualified all because she insist on her religious right as guaranteed in our Constitution is a clear case of intolerance and bigotry. 

You have to be a bigot or just plain stupid to side with those who harassed, intimidated and discriminated against #Firdausa for insisting on her right to use the Hijab. Inibehe Effiong is certainly not stupid. 




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