Rahmat Goldfish shouldn’t have spoken against Amasa Firdaus 


“…My position on Ms. Fidaus and the hypocrisy of religious persons nationwide.


Hypocrisy of Muslims she meant.

 Is she a Muslim? What temerity does she imbibed to call Muslims hypocrite? Let’s see what she has for us. 


My name is Rahmat, a practising muslim.


A Muslim don’t call himself or herself practising, it is those in his or her surroundings that point this out. 

 Most days I am covered and once in a while I am not.



This contradicts your earlier statement. A Muslim is first of all known as a Muslim with hijab and not to talk of a practicing Muslim. This is what surah Ahzab commanded,  “That is more suitable that they will be known.”   

 To say you are practising and then say sometimes, you don’t cover up on shows you are not. 

I don’t swallow this easily; 

Most days you are covered with what? And sometimes you are not? 

Are you referring to clothes or hijab? 

Let us say you are referring to hijab which the Quran says vs 31 of surah Nur says it is compulsory; 

[24. An-Noor, Verse 31] And tell the believing women to reduce [some] of their vision and guard their private parts and not expose their adornment except that which [necessarily] appears thereof and to wrap [a portion of] their headcovers over their chests and not expose their adornment except to their husbands, their fathers, their husbands’ fathers, their sons, their husbands’ sons, their brothers, their brothers’ sons, their sisters’ sons, their women, that which their right hands possess, or those male attendants having no physical desire, or children who are not yet aware of the private aspects of women. And let them not stamp their feet to make known what they conceal of their adornment. And turn to Allah in repentance, all of you, O believers, that you might succeed.
33. Al-Ahzab, Verse 59] O Prophet, tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to bring down over themselves [part] of their outer garments. That is more suitable that they will be known and not be abused. And ever is Allah Forgiving and Merciful.

But does your facebook profile really speak of it and do you really understand what hijab really is? 


Even in your facebook page, you did’t add Religious status or the Religion you belong to; 


 I may not be the defination of a good Muslim to those who judge a good person outwardly but I know my relationship with Allah is on a good path because he knows me and he knows best.


Sorry, actions precedes judgement. So only Allah knows what is in your heart ( for Allah, intention precedes Actions) and it is not for a Muslim to judge you by what is in your heart but your actions which is outward for them to see. A hard working person is seen as such from their work (action), a lazy person is seen through their work. So, actions are prerequisite to be termed a good person in the sight of human. You don’t hire thief or crook who had played a fast one on you when you eventually realised you have been fooled. 

Your relationship with Allah is between you and him and not us. 

I am startled to see a so called Muslim for the first time boasting or showcasing his relationship with Allah, calling herself practising Muslim and then saying indirectly people may not see her as practising because of outward appearance. 

These are vain words of materialist and desire worshipers. A Muslim is careful with speech. 

Playing the victim card  shows you do what Muslims term Haram. You Open your hair, shake hands or hug. You know these are Haram and you are embellishing it with what victimology calls victim card. 
So why will any Muslim not see you are an untrue or non practicing female Muslims? 

It is because you do what Islam forbids, attack what Islam hold sacred and make lawful what Islam confirms as unlawful. Example is your criticism of our dear beloved sister for upholding hijab which Allah made mandatory in Surah Nur and Surah Ahzab. But you shamelessly celebrate your hijab off , “Some times” (i don’t wear) am not covered.  Though in all your facebook profile, none did we see you wearing hijab. What we saw was on khimar (head tie) some times. Despite what Allah said, you attacked a lady who wore the hijab. Allah says

[4. An-Nisa, Verse 61]

And when it is said to them, Come  to  what Allah has  revealed   and  to  the  Messenger, you see the hypocrites turning away from you in aversion.

It is you who actually is a hypocrite not the generality of Muslims. 

To put a nail on the coffin, Muslims judges by husnul Khulq, Piety, humility, trust, keeping with solat time, by this a practising Muslim , you will be called and not you calling your self. It is because of piety, you may even raise a finger and say they shouldn’t refer to you as practising Muslim but One learning or trying to practise Islam. If you have knowledge, you will be shy to let people know because of humility and taqwa. 


A lot has been said about Ms. Fidaus so I won’t stress too much here because I reached the following conclusions concerning her:

1. She willingly entered an agreement with an institution who did not allow her dress the way she did to her call event;she must be binded by the terms of that agreement or challenge it in court. We know she challenged it and she will go to court, this is her constitutional right and I respect that.


To say she must be binded by the law school madness is tomfoolery. How can a school make laws that suit Christians (Opening the hair ) and force that same institutionalised pattern on Muslims ? Would Christians be happy to see Muslim make laws that says everybody in Nigeria Army must wear hijab( for the female) and every body must wear cap or turban ( for the male)? This is drawn from the fact that Nigeria Army was a model from the Muslim Empire that ruled Nigeria before colonialism. yet,  muslims will not do that. 

What we have as at today is that a law was made putting Christians in mind only; with the hope that Muslims will never be human beings neither will they go to law school. Any way, Mrs Rahmat, any thing less is unexpected from you because you went to law school. You shamefully opened your hair and so, we don’t expect you to speak in support of Firdaus because she is doing what you couldn’t or didn’t Do. 

Unlike you, her actions will be on record, she will be seen as a modern day fighter of neocolonialism and oppression . She is not going to Court, it is concerned muslims that are taking this to court. In her own words; 

I did this for Muslim Girls after me to get the liberty to wear the hijab

This is selflessness.
Your action benefits you only and hers benefits the whole Muslims, directly or indirectly. 

2. She said she knew she will be stopped from being called and she was, meaning she consciously and deliberately disobeyed the legal body so why all the sweat and tears from people? This out of the way, let me say this to my fellow Muslims, we are hypocrites. Yes, we are. The worst that can happen here is insults on my person but hey, the truth is bitter. She did it deliberately! 


Nobody is sweating or shedding tears about it. We are only doing  holistic advocacy. 
Lastly, YOU CALL THE WHOLE BODY OF MUSLIMS IN NIGERIA AS HYPICRITE and Psychologically absolving yourself with the remark, ” the highest they can do is to come insult you on your time line.

Do you know the implications of calling a Muslim a munafiq? Here, you are referring to the entire Muslim ummah IN NIGERIA as munafiq? An insult to one is on all, extensionally, you just refered to the whole Muslims on earth as munafiqs. Is a shame warped in ignorance and stupidity. 

The hypocrisy suit you and your sympathisers only, not all Muslims. 

The pain of dejection you are feeling is simply because FIRDAUS is a revolutionist and you are a “followtist “.
Every act of oppression, victimization is stopped with disobedience; Resistance. Malcolm X did it Against racial abuse, Martin Luther King did it, Marcus Garvey did it. The Palestinians did it and are still doing it even as they lose their lives in the struggle . The Turkish citizens did it against military coup, Mary slessor did it. They all broke existing law to have justice and non oppressive forms of actions or no discrimination flow through its path. 

We have been hit time and again by Boko haram terrorists, fulani herdsmen, kidnappers and armed robbers, child molesters and rapists, corrupt goverment officials who are Muslims and no outrage on social media by my Muslim community this loud Iike the hijab outrage.

All Criminals you mentioned aren’t peculiar to Muslims. In short, while Muslims speak against them, CHRISTIANS (many) call the prosecution of the ones who are Christians as persecution of Christ, Chritisans and the church. Remember that CAN for example said the relieving of David Babachir Lawal was because he is a Christian; CAN (Christian Association of Nigeria)

Refer to this article and read; Christian Supporting Crimes by Christians because they were prosecuted by Muslims.


Bokoharam is the only people of a particular group whom killings are tagged under the banner of Islam. This has been refuted by us in a post, Bokoharam smashed with Qiyas and Media Bias Against Muslims in Nigeria 

As for herdsmen, Muslims are at the fore front in criticising the wanton killings. Let us also not forget that the tag with “Fulani ” is satanic, inhuman and clear junk. 

The majority of Libyan returnees are Christians of Bini of Edo state. 

No Christian Nigeria media, whether AIT,  EBS, ITV, CHANNELS TV, SILVER BIRD TV etc ever called them christians Bini Libya Returness neither do we call kidnapping Igbos or Niger Delta militants. 

Neither do we call christians who establish prostitution in ITALY from Edo state (The binis) Bini Christian prostitute. 

The Christian ethnicity in south carry out monumental crimes beyond the grasp capacity of NASA satellite. 

They migrated from making early monies from stealing to pipeline vandalism (oil bunkering)  to chopping off human head for money ritual to mutilating human body for ritual money to kidnapping to kidney sale to removing of body parts of human ( private parts, eyes, breast etc) for money ritual to making fake products to eating (pooh 💩 Watch it Here) of fellow human for money ritual to collecting of baby diaper for ritual and to travelling to Ghana for money ritual. 


It is hypocritical to merge a crime in the “name” of Islam with crimes not in the name of religion. This is deceptive and a fallacious.
Muslims have been on the forefront denouncing any crime by any idiot in the name of Islam. Infact, Muslim clerics are also at the fore front, but the Nigeria Christian media gives relevance to bokoharam and call them Islamic ( Recognised by islam). Muslims will criticize Bokoharam and Nigeria Christians will mock and laugh at Muslims on social media. 

Now, how many Christians criticised Henry  Orkar for his Christian terroristic bombing on Oct 1 2010?  None! I call Henry Orkar Mend Christian terrorist because they once promised to kill Muslims in the South are Bokoharam are killing “Christians” in the North. 

We will kill Muslims and Burn mosques in Southern Nigeria, Militant threatens .

Here is a Muslim webpage established to show Muslim position on terrorism; No to terrorism. Muslim against Terror

Muslims criticised the herdsmen who killed people.  But the ultimate reasons it wasn’t taking the whole internet by storm was the game some Christians were playing. Fani Kayode and goons like him believes herdsmen is carrying out Islamization agenda, which Dan fodio instructed them to do. Muslims withdrew their open criticism. As displaying their justified attack on herdsmen will amount to justifying the ” Ethnicalising” by Christians;  the killings (All Fulanis are killers and it is only Fulanis that kills) , all herdsmen are Fulanis,  Fulanis are herdsmen, Fulanis are killing because Buhari is Fulani and he will not cage them. 
These was the accusations that Nigeria media and the social media was pushing. Prof. Ishaq akintola muric had to release a press release that the image cutting and image destruction of the Fulanis was because Fulanis are Muslims ( Click here ). 

Let also take note that many Christians have in most cases dress like Fulani Muslims to rob or carry out attacks (these ones weren’t criticized by the Non Muslims populace) . 

A punch report shows that some acclaimed herdsmen who carried out some attacks in Agatu also was some Christians locals adorning it below it is;

And also some Bokoharam dress up like Fulani herdsmen. 

Lastly, let us firstly say what the herdsmen did to human life is wrong; what the locals did to innocent herdsmen is wrong; what the locals did to the property i.e, killing the cattles of herdsmen, and stealing it is also wrong; what the media did and what Nigeria Christians (Many)  with their hypocrisy did is wrong. 

What really do happen between Herdsmen ( called Fulanis) and locals? 

When ever there are instances where Cattle herders destroy the farms and there are evidence to prove it, the body of cattle rearers in Nigeria, ” Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association” pay for the damages and they caution the herders.  

But what happened was, there are people who steal cattles or ambush cattle rearers, kill and steal from the flocks within their capacity of transport. These people are called “Cattle Rustlers” .

They are more like the arm robbers of cattle rearing just like thieves on high way are;  Armed robbers of money and portable properties. Miyetti Allah has been settling cattle herders and Farmers fall out with compensation to the latter. But what we have at present was that,  Farmers and Herders were embalmed in hate and intolerance. This went sky up after Buhari, a hausanized Fulani Muslim became the President. The anointed Christian President for the most part was electorally elected out of office and Buhari elected in. Other wise, the hate and intolerance magnified through contempt and Phobia wouldn’t have had a breeding space from inceptions. 

Though they had started attacking Muslims from the North (the core north according to fani Dunceyode ) which the media remained silent about until they pounced on Christians. The Christian locals in Benue, Ekiti, Southern Edo and Enugu is really an eye opener and lid liquidiser .

The first killing is usually  carried out by the Christian locals but the first destruction was by the herders, destroying of their farms through herding of Cattle. What was  expected from the local is to go report the outcome to Police , then police and they will meet with Miyetti Allah cattle breeders association. But what we have is the destruction happens and another cattle herder passing by is attacked, when they see you as some one taking law into their hand, THEY WILL SURELY ATTACK YOU MOSTLY WHEN THEY SEE YOU AS SOME ONE WHO DID IT INTENTIONALLY. EVEN WHEN IT IS THE DESTROYER YOU ATTACKED, THEY WILL STILL SEE IT AS DELIBERATE BECAUSE ACCORDING TO THEM, CATTLE DESTROYING YOUR FARM WAS UNINTENTIONAL. 

For More information on this, I refer you to a book called Peace building and conflict resolution In Plateau State by shedrack Gaya Best. 
Thousands of innocent children, men and women from all tribes and religion mostly Muslims have been killed and families damaged for life as our people quoted the Quran out of context to justify their right to kill and maim and I see no outrage.


We replied earlier that Muslims are at the forefront criticising them and standing against them. 



3. Fornication and adultery are now normal acts but frowned upon in the Quran. A few years ago in Abuja, 2 married Muslim men closed from friday jumaat service, checked into a hotel, got into a lovers fight leaving one dead (they were gays). No outrage.


Fornication are all problems because  it will forever be as its oxygenated strength is a free, liberal secular democratic society we find ourselves. 

Gay is worst and the holy Quran frowned upon it. if Sharia law was to be allowed to have it course by Christians and  some Muslims who are secularist, those men would have died. There was no outrage because, first it wasn’t about muslim right denied and secondly it isn’t about Christians accusing Islam and its scripture being responsible. 
4. We bond with other tribes and people of other religions to embezzle commonwealth and we pretend all is well as long as we wear hijabs and say our 5 daily prayers.

Allah says in the Holy Quran in chapter 2 V. 284

“To Allah belongs whatever is in the Heavens and whatever is in the earth. Whether you show what is within yourselves or conceal it, Allah will bring you to account for it. Then He will forgive whom He wills and punish whom He wills, and Allah is over all things competent”.

Good morning all. Be blessed…”


Let’s not forget also that Muslims have made the greatest impact of sincerety than any body in Government from any religion. Though we have the bad ones but the good ones are more. If the Sharia law which you as an acclaimed practising Muslim May not like is allowed to have its Place, I believe majority of the crime that is common among Christians and other adherent of any faith, will be wiped out. 

Bn Sulayman writes an advice; 

Dear sister Rahmat Goldfish, you are still my sister despite your incoherent outburst. I will honor you and respect you when you respect and honour those trying to practice Islam not according to their desire. 

You owe your offspring One thing Dear Rahmat, learn your Religion. It is compulsory. This life is a play time if you don’t carve from it seriousness. You owe your self and your offsprings studying Islam. Take a trip to the nearest mosque and contact the imam to link you up with a Muslim scholar whom you can learn islam from; nobody is too small or too big to learn islam.It is for your own good. I am sorry I have to respond to you with a refutations, but we don’t joke with those who insult, castigate or demean sister Amasa Firdaus. 

My name is Bn Sulayman writing in defence of the young revolutionist, Amasa Firdaus. 

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