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In Defence of Amasa Firdaus; Nebuchadnezzar and Jezebel will be ashamed of the Hijab hater Christians. 


Christian: Hijab is an Arab Culture, that is why we Christians we will wear our traditional dress also if Muslim women are allowed Wear hijab. Muslims women are forced to wear hijab Mitcheew! 

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​Fulani “Herdsmen” …the Way Forward By Prof Abdussamad Umar Jibia

 “Recently there was an attack in Benue state that claimed many lives. The claim by the state Government is that the attack was carried out by Fulani herdsmen, whatever that means. But this is not the first time lives were lost in Benue due to the problem of clashes between farmers and herders encroaching upon their farmlands.  Continue reading

On Amasa Firdaus; ​Nigerians are interesting people and sometimes impossible and hypocritical too

Nigerians are interesting people and sometimes impossible and hypocritical too. We’re also selfish. When one of us get into trouble, we first look at his/her religion or ethnicity in deciding what our response would be. If s/he is not of our faith or ethnicity, we’d do anything and everything to justify why s/he deserves the outcome of his/her action. We’re funny like that.  Continue reading


In 1799, Francis Buchanan, a​surgeon with the British East India Company, traveled to Myanmar and met members of a Muslim ethnic group “who have long settled in Arakan [Rakhine], and who call themselves Rooinga, or natives of Arakan.” 
That would indicate there were self-identified Rohingya living in Rakhine at least 25 years before the 1823 cut-off for citizenship.
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20017 Jamb malpractice low in the North. Why? By Reuben Abati 

“We considered the report on every affected centre on a case-by-case basis, with each Chief Examiner responding to further enquiries, and at the end, the meeting resolved that 48 centres involved in extortion and malpratices should be delisted, while 24 centres should be suspended for a year.
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Catholic Church Found Guilty In 400 Child Sex Abuse Cases Files For Bankruptcy

Unable to settle lawsuits for victims of pedophile priests

By: Jay Greenberg  on 2nd April 2017 @ 9.32am
​A Montana Roman Catholic diocese has filed for bankruptcy following a court ruling finding the church guilty in over 400 cases of child sex abuse.Church officials confirmed that the Diocese of Great Falls-Billings is unable to settle the lawsuits that have been so far been filed by 72 of the victims of pedophilia at the hands of Catholic priests. ​ Continue reading