Lawyer’s robe(Dress), Academic Graduation  robe(Dress) Were all from  12 and 13 Century Europe Christian Church Clerics Dressing. 

Much have been said about whether Amasa Firdaus has the Religious and constitutional Right to wear her religious identity (hijab) beneath the lawyer dress code, wig.

It is simply a case of hate that made certain people hate to see Muslims female on hijab. 

Some times ago, we have proved that as side that Amasa Firdaus has the overwhelming constitutional right of hers to cover her hair the way Christians have the right to Open their hair, she also has the Religious right to do so. 

Whilst people( majority of Christians)  are fraudulently claiming that the lawyers robe or dress code is secular and Muslims because of this shouldn’t wear hijab on it, we have proved below that as usual and expected from them, they lie without mercy, slander without shame and oppress Muslims without conscience. What we did is to show you that The Academic Graduation, lawyers  dress code are from the 12 and 13 century Europe worn by Christian Clerics of the church.
Snapshots proves it;

Now that we have proved that part, let us show you how present day choir dressing look like; 

Even if you have one eye that is totally blind and one other that is less effective, you still can see that even in present day, almost all the choir church gown look same as academic and law gown. Especially those in the picture below; 

If you wear a graduation cap or hood or wig , one can’t differentiate you from a lawyer or a graduant. 

Graduation Gown; 

Even some people still dress like this to choir; there are some choristers in Nigeria who dress like this. 

Law dress robe;

Even among Popes and Bishops, you can still see them with this bogus robes;

What Muslims are simply saying is, 

“Allow Muslim women wear their hijab beneath their lawyer wig” and for those who don’t want hijab, that is their own wish. Don’t tell us with grave lies that the dress code isn’t a Christian dressing when history repeats opposite to show you have become satanic in behavior because of hate and intolerance you have towards Muslims. 

Muslim women should be allowed to wear hijab just like Christian women are allowed to open their hair. Don’t force your ideals on us. We are tired of your fraudulent Secular scheme. It is not like we are saying we will not wear the gown ( a christian gown ( which your Christian colonial masters and yourself forced on us) we will wear it despite it being a church dress. But remove hate from your soul and allow Muslim women who wants to wear hijab on it be

Simply like this; 

Stop being intolerant; stop being hateful; stop being a bad neighbour; stop being enemy of how a Muslim lady choose to dress; stop being enemy of humanity by your intolerance and propaganda. 

My name is Bn Sulayman, I just wanna prove from history to provide common sense and tolerance. 


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