Don’t Get fooled By C.A.N. “The Attackers of worshippers in Cross Overnight were Christians.”

Christian Association of Nigeria had hastily accused Muslims of being behind the attacks on Christians in Kwara State
This is not unconnected to the hatred for Muslims which the foundation’s is rooted on, mockery of Muslims and the Stranded defeat of its preferred Candidate ( Good luck Ebele Jonathan)  in the 2015 presidential election. So many things can be connected to Christian association of Nigeria Barking like a Dog in the manger and a lion that is toothless and fingerless. 

So the above mentioned are just not exhaustive to the Barking of C.A.N. 
When it was discovered Muslims were also attacked, they remain dumb like Donkeys.
According to TVC some Muslims who congregated on a Mosque were attacked. 

The hoodlums attacked them with tear gas and other things. This caused stampede. A Muslim female girl on hijab was to be raped but ran away to a near by church and the security attached to the church gave her refuge inside the church. The hoodlums came, demanded for her and no compromise was made. They attacked the church in the process thereby destroying properties and even raping some Christians females from Crossover night, according to the church head.

Eliciting of information by TVC news crew can be found here ;
while the Christian man mentioning Hijab was talking about the lady Ran to the church,  HE SAID “AND THE SECURITY MEN WHO WERE ‘ALSO CHRISTIANS’ RESCUED HER”
For us here, this shows that the attackers were Christians because there is no point in mentioning this emphasis (“who were also” Christians) except somebody or people mentioned before it are Christians. 
We believe the attackers were Christians because their evil actions were targeted at Muslims only (until One fled) to the church. 
We believed they are Christians because we also got information that they are cultist. Cultism were created by some Christians in Nigeria in the South. And are headed by people with Christian background. 
We also believe they are Christians because had the security of the church hand her over, they would have not attacked Christians or the Church. 
According to ;

What actually transpired on the night of the attack was that some hoodlums and miscreants who were prevented from holding their ANNUAL END OF THE YEAR CARNIVAL due to security reasons were infuriated because of rejection of the carnival and later went haywire. 

Their first point of call was the Quareeb muslim gathering where a young lady was stripped naked in the presence of his mother and was about to be raped when she miraculously escaped to the nearby church. 

The attackers later proceeded to the muslim gathering where they robbed and harassed worshippers.
As said from the website link above, 

They are youth who celebrate End of year carnival .

Now we know Muslims don’t celebrate that, but Christians. 

To strip a girl off hijab, we know it is the eventual dream of an average intolerant Christian. We have records of they pulling hijab from Muslims female body and head. Christian Association of Nigeria itself has also worked tirelessly to remove hijab from the head of Muslims institutionally. 

After they had attacked the church because it rescued the Muslim girl, the terrorist came back to the Muslim gathering to steal and harass Muslims. This again shows they are Christians. 
So, Christians Association of Nigeria should get a life of brain reset and take responsibility of crimes committed by Christians or in the name of Christianity; 
While C. A. N were busy playing the game of sole victim and the opposite,  are the sole culprits , there are some Christians who hypocritically said in Port Harcourt attack on Christians from Crossover over Night were Muslims who are Bokoharam or better still, Bokoharam. Some however erroneously pointed hand on Fulanis. 
The eventuality of “Muslims must be responsible or pointed at as culprit ” saga showed the attacker was a Christian, from Christians back ground and a cultist also by the name Don Wayne. Whose real names are Johnson Igwedibia….

Can kept mute on this, with the Muslims must be responsible Set of Christians. 

Can we remain Organisation of shame and a political Party whose aim is to destabilize, blackmail and intolerably attack Muslims with its controlled money bank media. 


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