Former Christian Association Of Nigeria President, Ayo Orisejafor, fought against Islamic Banking because he has a Micro Finance Bank that Charges Interest. 

These were statements of Ayo Orisejafor, CAN President;

Sources are;

“Let it also be known that we are not against Islamic banking per se. What we have said thus far, is that there are two issues that the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, governor must address properly before the introduction of non-interest banking as against Islamic banking.

One, we have continued to frown at the way the CBN governor who is being paid by tax payers’ money is championing the course of Islamic banking in isolation of other non-interest banking. We are against Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi using state funds to promote Islamic banking as though that is the only form of non-interest banking. It is against the spirit of the Nigerian Constitution

“He should allow people who are interested in Islamic banking to use their money to sell their manifesto to Nigerians with a view to wooing them to accept that form of banking which is different from what they used to know,” 

“But the CBN governor has failed, thus far, to explain to the nation why he is putting up a different guideline for Islamic banking and another one for other forms of non-interest banking. This is in addition to a proposed establishment of a Shari’a Council of Experts to be based at the CBN to monitor the operations of the Islamic banking and we have asked; is this what operates in all the countries in the world where Islamic banking operates?”
All statement of his were directly used to destabilize the introduction of Islamic Banking openly and subtly. 

But, what could be the motivating factor behind this? What is his interest and profit from the attacks? 
Well, mr Oritsejafor is an owner of an company or business entity, whatever you are less likely to use. 

The name of this venture of his Is Eagle ” company “.

It is through this company that his personal private jet was used to smuggle Dollars into South Africa for “Arms Procurement” that became a national and international Embarrassment to Nigeria.

Despite GEJ promise of investigating it, a promise he made during his last live interview by journalist shown on NTA, Mr GEJ never investigated it. It is simply, we are the same clique. Dollars were smuggled twice to south Africa. 
So, Mr Oritsejafor was quite paranoid about islamic Banking because when islamic bank become a reality, not only will it crumble his Mercantilist and capitalist Micro finance Bank but also make people see that Islam has solution to problems of the world. This was exactly the same reason they fought against Sukuk Islamic Bond for road construction. They hate to see that Muslims uses their Islamic religion to solve problems; they love it when people create problems under the banner of Islam. 

Road Ear marked for Construction with Sukuk Islamic Bond. 
The Bank’s name is below; 


Their vision is to make this interest charging Bank of theirs the biggest in Nigeria and Africa. 

Obviously, JAIZ Bank was a pain in the throat if allowed to begin operation after establishment is allowed. 

Is it not amazing that one of the bank aim is to bridge the gap between the poor and the rich; Poverty reduction. 

We know that interest charge has been a poisonous factor that killed many businesses. No matter how good they sound, beautiful they sketch their selves, THEY MILKED FROM THE BREASTLESS INDIVIDUALS WHO TRIED TO DO SOMETHING ECONOMIC FOR THEIR DAILY SUSTENANCE. 

Interest is evil; A man forfeit his car or cars, his properties because he can’t pay or borrow from Peter to Paul. Some People even die while they are in the web of interest. The moment you enter, you hardly get out safely. The giver of interest loan doesn’t care whether you grow or fall, their aim is pay me or pay us back our rate or even the main loan or forfeit your life; collateral. 

Islamic Bank offers the solution to the Mercantilist and Shylock behavior of interest Banks and interest borrowers. 

Oritsejafor hopes to benefit monumentally if the push for collapse of Islamic bank fails. 

His eagle bank and that of other Shylock capitalist will subdue people happiness with debt that may lead to death. 

Written By Bn Sulayman 


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