In Defence of Amasa Firdaus; Nebuchadnezzar and Jezebel will be ashamed of the Hijab hater Christians. 


Christian: Hijab is an Arab Culture, that is why we Christians we will wear our traditional dress also if Muslim women are allowed Wear hijab. Muslims women are forced to wear hijab Mitcheew! 


Response to Above non sense with sense; 

Hijab is not an Arab culture but a divine institutionalised dress code from the Quran and Hadith. I don’t know how a head hijab is a thorn in you all flesh and spirit . This is a perfect example of Islamophobia and extremist intolerance .

Arab culture are antithetical to Islamic laws and provisions. Since disdain and hatred can make you spill lies as false witness, setting record and fact is expedient for rational understanding.

Arab culture says you as a lady will have to get naked totally through belly dancing ( same thing that you see in India culture). Just to get patronage. 

Arab culture says you have to sleep with your step mother as your wife when your dad died. Implying she is your new inherited wife .

Arab culture says you should bury female children alive as they are little or of No relevance. 

Arab culture says only a man can inherit property. 

Arab culture says Drinking and hosting Alcohol parties is a way of respect. 

Arab culture says display your Beauty. 

Arab culture says God cannot resurrect human back to life. 

Arab culture says you are allowed to marry more than 10 wives. 

Arab culture says prefer the male child than the daughter. 

Arab culture says almost everything Islam preaches, do the opposite, that is our culture. 

Islam says, obey God and his Prophet (not a culture of men and minds of desires). 

Funny enough, it is your own Nigeria culture and Desires that looks so much like Arab culture, not Islam. 

Dear Christians who hate hijab, our modus vivendi and modus operandi is a content of the Quran except we follow our human desire which contradicts QURAN. 

What we asked for is head hijab or head covering hijab; we aren’t asking for a hijab flowing from head to toes. You know of this , but your intolerance has been in your nature for billions of years that is why you put up an all Cultural Garment hoping that THE HEAD HIJAB WILL BE STOPPED WHEN THE CULTURAL DRESS IS SEEN. A Goat cannever be a sheep that is why the real “you” is becoming more obvious when you have disturbed US with “Love your neighbour as your self” and “love your enemies”.

If you are so obsessed with hijab that doesn’t concern you, obtain a court judgement to stop it or to recognise your total cultural dress call to Bar. 

Stop lying hijab is Arab culture hypocrite !

Stop hating hijab that doesn’t concern you; that is not worn on your head.

Stop lying we were forced to wear hijab. Our hijab is ordained by God as a sign of modesty, honour, recognition and respect. 

Obviously, Nebuchadnezzar and Jezebel will be ashamed of your behavior. A behavior warped in lies, deception and intolerance. 

My name is Bn Sulayman talking expensive sense in support of my sister, Amasa Firdaus, a revolutionist. 


#Justiceforfirdaus #Justiceforfirdausi #Justice4firdaus #Justice4firdausi

#Istandwithfirdausi #Stopdiscriminationagainsthijab


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