Ever since PMB appointed Prof. Ishaq Oloyede to head JAMB, the agency has been completely reformed, especially in the areas of transparency,

accountability and efficiency. From 1999 to 2014 JAMB has been remitting only 5 million naira per annum to the nation’s coffers. But since Prof. Ishaq took over, the sum grew miraculously from 5 million naira per annum to 7 billion naira per annum!

Wait! Was there an astronomical increase in the number of secondary school graduates seeking university admissions, or was there an astronomical increase in JAMB fees?
 Not at all; there was none of them. It’s the same rate as before and the same average number of admission seekers!

What became clear with Prof. Ishaq’s leadership of JAMB is the stringent auditing and accountability he introduced which culminated in the discovery that the female JAMB accountant in their Benue office could not account for some 36 million naira collected from subscribers in 2014. And her simple defence was that she suspected a snake swallowed the money in her office vault!

Now with that line of defence, and considering how much of our public funds have been mysteriously vanishing during the 16 inglorious years of the PDP, especially in their last 6 years controlled by the duo of Diezani and Jonathan, it is practically troubling when you try to figure out the number of snakes that have been invading our public offices to swallow trillions of naira that are still yet to be traced!

Well, but with Madam Diezani Allison-Madueke on the run over some traceable trillions of naira, could she be the Mother Snake that birthed all the other snakes that looted our country bare?
Cham Faliya Sharon 


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