Omar Esa nasheeds, His nasheeds is one of the solutions to our demoralized morality  and materialistic Music we get bombarded with in Nigeria. 

Music here means music with all sorts of Musical instruments.

“What ever Music can do, so can my voice. “

Short Bio of Omar Esa By Omar Esa (Himself). 

Omar Esa is a nasheed artist from England, who uses only his voice in all his nasheeds and recites nasheeds in mainly the English, Urdu and Arabic languages.

His nasheeds are very versatile thanks to Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala), as he can write both contemporary and traditional sounding nasheeds Alhamdullilah. Omar Esa writes, composes and sings all his own material Alhamdullilah. 
Omar Esa was previously an RnB/Pop singer in 2011 and was guided by Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) to leave that world and start recording nasheeds with no instruments in his nasheeds at all. His new journey began with a simple dream, to show the world the beauty of Islam through his nasheeds In’shaa’Allah. Omar Esa is a strong advocate for voice only nasheeds and has coined the phrase ‘Anything music can do, so can the voice’! Within nasheeds he has created his own genre called ‘Islam and blues’ (InB) because he says he came from Rhythm and blues (RnB), so now he’s replaced the Rhythm with Islam. His debut album called ‘Omar Esa’ was released in November 2012. 
The nasheed content is all about Islam, ranging from nasheeds praising Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala), stories about the Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alahiwasallam), nasheeds written by incorporating the beautiful words of the Quran, taking beautiful hadiths and writing nasheeds based on the words from the sunnah, nasheeds about the companions of the Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alahiwasallam) and other nasheeds with the message of Islam. Omar Esa wants to spread the message of Islam with his nasheeds throughout the entire world In’shaa’Allah. Dawah nasheeds Alhamdullilah.

Source: Omar Esa


Omar Esa in one of his post:

The people who do music are not my enemies, music is my enemy. I’m gonna fight the fitna/trials of Music for you all, until the end In’shaa’Allah. I swear down Music is so dangerous but because we don’t physically consume it, we sometimes give it a pass. Now think about this, music makes you cry, music makes you happy, music makes you angry, music makes you anxious, music will put you in many moods and make you do all sorts of nonsense, this is the reality of music. Look don’t get me wrong music has good in it but the majority is bad, even alcohol has some good in it but we are forbidden to drink it because alcohols cons heavily out way it’s pros, we should ponder on this. In my past Music was always a 3rd party to my sins AstagfirAllah, it was always there as a partner to my sins. I’m not here to expose my sins or anything, I’m just trying to explain what the reality of Music is today. I know I’m on a up hill battle against music with my voice only alternatives nasheeds because music is everywhere, but that won’t stop me In’shaa’Allah, If I can bring even a little change Alhamdullilah, also it does not matter if I don’t win the battle, I’m working on winning the war In’shaa’Allah!

Source Omar Esa’s Post


Omar Esa’s Milestone

 Non Muslims Comments 

Abul Kalam AzadFoundation > ‎Omar Esa

Assalamu Alaikum my brother Omar, 

in sha Allah you are well and in good health. Just came across a reaction from 2 non-Muslims who reacted to one of your nasheed the cover version of Adele’s Hello. Not sure if you have seen it yet. Masha Allah it was a very positive response and they even stated that it’s a better version than the original due to the lyrics, the voice and especially a voice only version without instruments. May Allah ta’la guide them. I would like to also mention that you have Masha Allah made a huge difference with your voice only nasheeds and is reaching to greater heights. Keep it going brother. Don’t beat yourself down with anything.

Jazak Allah Khair

Omar Esa Responds:

Bismillahirrahmanirraheem walaikum salam warahmatullahi wabarkatahu dear brother Abul Kalam AzadFoundation JazakAllahu khairan for sharing this my brother. It’s the first time I’ve come across the video SubhanAllah.


ALLAH HU AKBAR I’ve received my YouTube play button award for reaching 100,000 subscribers. First I thank Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) for this beautiful achievement and then I thank all of YOU my brothers and sisters for supporting my nasheeds and helping me reach this milestone on my YouTube channel Alhamdullilah 😍I remember when I started my YouTube nasheed channel, I was so excited when I got my 1st subscriber SubhanAllah! Now let’s go for the 1 million subscriber YouTube play button In’shaa’Allah’ta’ala 🙌🏽 and if you have not subscribed, please do In’shaa’Allah at ☺️

Source: Omar Esa

The following picture Depicts YouTube awards. 

We pray he gets awarded all three. Aameen. #voiceOnlynasheedwithmoralityandsanity

Don’t mismatch or mistake YouTube play button award with YouTube award. 

He just won YouTube silver plate award. 

This isn’t the one he won.

 Omar Esa and Mufti Menk 

Omar Esa and some ulamas 

Omar Esa and Mufti Menk 



He loves kids 😊 . Two of his nasheeds featured Muslim kids. One is Ramadan (My best nasheed on Ramadan) . The second is Assalamu Alaykum. His latest nasheed.

Omar And Mufti Menk : Unveiling of Quotes of mufti Menk in Book form.

Omar And some allamahs

Omar And his Child.

Omar And Kids

Snapshot picture from his Ramadan Nasheed

Cover of his new nasheed

Omar Esa hukum (let’s say his philosophy). He rather sing his poetical songs without fusing in music forms or music components.

Omar Esa completing half his Deen 💖💞💕💖💗

May Allah continue to bless the Union and bring up ulamas, Doctor, engineers. Aamen 😊

 As for Nigeria :

It is high time we turn to voice only nasheed (no music) in other to maintain and retain our level of morality. We get abused and deluded by immoral songs every now and then. These musics rotate around the destructions  which QURAN spoke against. 

1. Alcohol 2. Nudity 3. Adultery 4. Materialism 

Our reply to these Quadruple Evil, is voice only nasheed like that of Omar esa. Have it, even send them to radio and TV stations. Have your headphones on your ear with voice only nasheed while these unislamic (anti spiritual songs) are played. 

Download some of Omar esa nasheeds here:

Asalamu alekum

His New nasheed with kids in school. Download here


Download here. also a satirical one but it’s point is, don’t get into BoyGirlfriend hood. marry rather. 

Wedding Nasheed 

Omar esa inspires us to marry. especially most of us who are now ministers of Bachelor hood 

One love ( For All terrorist victims and family) 

One love here

Rabb (My Lord) 

Download here

Ramadan Nasheed 

Download here

Prophet Muhammad 

Nasheed on Prophet Muhammad 

99 names of Allah 

99 names of Allah here

Nasheed In Honour of Ummul Mumineen (Aisha r. a) 

Download Aisha nasheed here


The Day Omar Esa performed Aisha nasheed in a Shia Marriage 

Download Here 

NB. If you can’t download any, go straight to his YouTube page and subscribe to his YouTube channel then, watch. 

Subscribe to his YouTube channel here:

Omar Esa on YouTube 

Follow him on facebook :

Omar Esa on facebook 

Omar Esa Official Page 


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