FALSE TESTIMONY OF SERGENT DAVID BAKO: Christians Who Hate Buhari Taken To The Dust Bin AGAIN 



Our attention has been drawn to a tasteless and hastily manufactured propaganda, concocted by sadistic elements, and being shared on various online platforms claiming to be by a certain Army Sergeant from the stable of a certain Daily Globe Watch (DGW). 

Ordinarily we would not respond to that charade because every objective person can see that it is a mediocre attempt to hide the shame of some wicked entities in the face of the effective release of our abducted Dapchi girls. 
However for the sake of the unsuspecting public, we want to expose these unpatriotic elements for the cheap fraud they truly are.
Daily Global Watch is a dark blog site solely aimed at manufacturing lies and spreading hate and cheap propaganda. Their sole purpose was to promote the secessionist agenda driven by certain individuals. 
It was the same site for instance that claimed on 6th May 2017 that “President Buhari may resign before May 29th 2017”.
DGW has in its short and dubious lifetime being a tool for division and spreading of hate and lies against the government and the Nigerian people. Little wonder it was the avenue of choice for the manufacture and distribution of the latest shameful product of the herdsmedia.
We will not waste time on the ridiculous content of that childish concoction but if you carefully analyze it, you will unmistakably see that the language and writing style is eerily similar to the language of some of the loquacious actors we have know in recent times. One wonders why these actors were not willing to come openly and spew their usual jargon. Which leaves you to equally ponder why some of these loquacious elements have been uncharacteristically quiet in recent times. Could they now be speaking through unscrupulous avenues like Digital Globe Watch (DGW)?
Check out these lines; 
“.. a ‘certain’ Nigerian Christian Soldier Sergeant David Bako from the middle Belt, Plateau State …”. 
“The remaining four years is to make him execute the hidden agenda to carry out ethnic cleansing.” 
Don’t these lines sound familiar? Where do you think they came from?
Now some posers for the objective mind:
👉🏿What Unit is the purported Sergeant from and what’s the name of his purported Field Commander that hatched the plan? 
👉🏿If the Soldier knew all along that President Buhari was on a “cleansing mission”, why wait until after the execution of the purported plan before spilling the beans? 
👉🏿Was leaving the Christian girl also part of the plan? To what end?
👉🏿What are the names of the remaining soldiers involved in the plot and where was his station?
📌Now to the question of who really is ‘Sergeant David Bako’ and is he truly a Nigerian soldier especially going by ‘his’ supposed photogragh that was used in the infantile propaganda?
The answer is obviously NO. 
First the camouflage is not the kind of camouflage used by the Nigerian Army.
Secondly that’s not how our Nigerian Army Rank looks.
Thirdly the Rifle he was carrying is not the standard issue rifle used by the Nigerian Army.
Do not crack your head further. We have the answer for you.
These amateur agents of darkness simple went to the Internet and pulled up a picture of a Senegalese Army soldier just to hoodwink the unsuspecting public.
Below is the link to that. 
This now brings us to the following questions for every responsible citizen to ponder over? 
❌Why would some people insist on manufacturing lies to hoodwink innocent Nigerians?
❌What is their intention for continuously promoting hatred and division amongst Nigerians?
❌Why are some people so angry that our innocent fellow citizens were released by their captors?
❌Why are they hell bent on setting the nation on fire and jeopardizing every effort the government is making to reposition our great nation?
📣We use this medium to urge all patriotic and we’ll meaning Nigerians across tribe and creed to disregard the evil story concocted by agents of division, darkness and strive and continue be wary of their antics.
Please be warned that they will get even more desperate in their antics as their evil hold on the jugular of our dear nation is removed and Nigeria is liberated for every Nigerian. 
‘Sergeant David Bako’ is a phantom creation of the evil imaginations of unpatriotic Nigerians hell bent on escaping the long arm of the law for crimes they have committed against the Nigerian people for decades even if it means burning the country to the ground.
We shall continue to expose and shame them one by one.

DIY on how to detect fake pictures and materials from the herdsmedia and their agents of darkness:
✔Make sure you have the picture you wish to verify saved on your PC or device and follow the following steps:
1 – Visit http://www.reverse.photos
2 – Click on Upload Picture.
3 – Load the picture you wish to verify and OK.
4 A screen with ‘Image uploaded’ displays. Click on ‘Show Matches’.
This will take you to a Google page that will show all the other web pages on the Internet that have similar images.
Enough is enough.
God bless 🇳🇬



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