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‘Death to All Jews’ video ‘went too far’: YouTube & Disney drop internet star PewDiePie

© PewDiePie / YouTube

Shows by viral sensation ‘PewDiePie’ have been dropped by Disney and YouTube over a video in which he paid two men to hold up a sign that read ‘Death to All Jews’.​ Keep on reading!


Practical Ways To Reduce The Pains Of Recession 

How we can make recession less hard!

 As a Nigeria Sociologist that have observed and evaluate the behaviors, actions and reactions of Nigerians of different layers and in distinct social context, it Is normative that I provide practical sets of guidelines to help us swim through recession with the eyes of humanism and the effort of a united solidarity smeared with  iota of collective consciousness. 

    Through Historical observations, I found out that Nigerians wait to to get the hardest and depressing lessons in life  before they take norms and ethics seriously as an observer . It is very easy to cry in negation until factual proofs are provided. 

   Nigerians in large metropolitan areas like Lagos waited for Ebola to coordinate them from pushing and rushing to board a bus or taxi.

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Top 10 Countries With Maximum Rape Crimes

Rape is a particularly complex crime to analyse, in several parts of the world, it is very rarely reported. Women in some countries are much less likely to have their complaint recorded, due to the extreme social stigma cast on women who have been raped, or subjected to violence or the fear of being disowned by their families.

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with all honesty, and by God the creator, I don’t know where to start from successfully in order to captivate you with the Truth of realism; The Truth of media bias against Muslims in Nigeria, so that I can take you from anti climax to climax of never before.
I think I have an idea! Let us start with this;

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