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​Seal of the Prophet. By Omar Esa 


Omar Esa Motto: What ever Music could do, so can my voice

So this is something that has troubled me for a while, so today when I saw a news piece on this particular subject which troubles me, it just made me upset, so the media said they saw a man wearing a Isis flag near Big Ben in London and they went in, how the flag is evil etc.

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Amasa Firdaus is our Personality of the year : Amasa Firdaus wins Award of Recognition for her selflessness 

Award for selflessness 2018

Amasa Firdaus was disallowed by NIGERIA Christians who are the Benchers (Body of Benchers) from being called to Bar on December 2016.

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All Security Agencies were headed by Christians During GEJ’s Regime; All Security Agency were headed by Christians During Obasanjo Regime; WHY COMPLAIN WHEN MANY ARE MUSLIMS DURING BUHARI REGIME AND TWO AREN’T ? 


Another fad in town these days is the shameless charge that President Buhari practices nepotism, especially in the Continue reading