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The driving force for this short piece is my compelling urge to bring to the fore the striking truth and reality that are completely missing in the debates, arguments and blame games being traded across the country over the series of conflicts involving Fulani Herdsmen and farming communities in certain parts of the country.
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#Justuceforfirdaus reply to all manners of hate comment from Nigeria Christians #Justice4firdaus #Justiceforfirdausi.   


I don’t expect any Christian to support any Muslim woman who want to dress decently according to their Quran. Christians have been expressing this hate for a long time. 

             \_/Experience \_/ 

My younger sister once went to write jamb in warri, Delta state. The female iVG( invigilator)  told her to pull off her hijab totally. As if this wasn’t enough, her headtie must be untied which the hijab was above of , then taken along with hijab to the front of the class and dropped on the floor for everybody to see . 

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​MMPN: Tackling the anti-Islamic media scourge By Rasheed Abubakar

Besides the Guild of Muslim Professionals Convention held between 23rd and 26th December, 2017, perhaps one of the best things to have happened to Islam in Nigeria in recent times, particularly in the Southwestern part of the country, is the latest Conference of the Muslim Media Practitioners of Nigeria (#MMPN), Lagos State chapter.
 The resounding success of the Annual Conference, tagged: Islam, Muslims and the Nigerian Media indicates that the journalists’ group, founded over two decades ago, has indeed come of age.​

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​A Christian Writes Amasa Firdaus and said;  stop playing the script of a Taliban. But would this idiotic Christian tell his biblical Mary to stop playing the Script of Taliban also? 

A Christian called Amasa Firdaus Taliban, Isis script player. For us here, it is simply an accusation that Amasa Firdaus is Taliban, isis etc by their assertion.

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