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Muslim women Right to wear Hijab in law school and when called to Bar


If Amasa Aljanatu Firdaus is a Muslim fanatics for refusing to remove her hijab and risk being denied the call to the Prestigious Nugerian Bar then Leah Sharibu is a Christian fanatics for

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​Religious Favouritism In The Nigerian Criminal Code: Islamisation Or Christianisation?

Everyday, Muslims are being arm-twisted either directly or indirectly to denounce their religion either by teachers bullying students in primary, secondary and even higher institutions or deliberate promotions of content that is detrimental to the upbringing of Muslim children and sustainability of modesty and piety in the Muslim community. Continue reading

On Amasa Firdaus; ​Nigerians are interesting people and sometimes impossible and hypocritical too

Nigerians are interesting people and sometimes impossible and hypocritical too. We’re also selfish. When one of us get into trouble, we first look at his/her religion or ethnicity in deciding what our response would be. If s/he is not of our faith or ethnicity, we’d do anything and everything to justify why s/he deserves the outcome of his/her action. We’re funny like that.  Continue reading

#Justuceforfirdaus reply to all manners of hate comment from Nigeria Christians #Justice4firdaus #Justiceforfirdausi.   


I don’t expect any Christian to support any Muslim woman who want to dress decently according to their Quran. Christians have been expressing this hate for a long time. 

             \_/Experience \_/ 

My younger sister once went to write jamb in warri, Delta state. The female iVG( invigilator)  told her to pull off her hijab totally. As if this wasn’t enough, her headtie must be untied which the hijab was above of , then taken along with hijab to the front of the class and dropped on the floor for everybody to see . 

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