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IGBO Christians are now Analyst of Hijab that doesn’t concern them

As usual, since Muslims are at the receiving end on this issue of Amasa Firdaus hijab, some Christians (The Biggest haters of any thing Muslim and Islam), “Igbo Christians” have taken it as a job to point, criminalize ,prosecute, prosecute again and throw into prison bring out and prosecute then finally throw to prison a Muslim without sincerety and honesty. 

But than God they are mere humans who possess not a whif of supernatural ability. Below are Christians comment and counter comment by a Muslim .

Christians One Comment 

   Chukwuma James says:

December 19, 2017 at 8:16 AM

Amasa Firdaus a Muslim faithful just graduated from the Nigerian Law school but was not called to bar because she refused to remove her hijab. This Issue Continues To Linger and it deserves some consideration and an objective discussion.

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All through my life I have never experienced the kind of hatred and disgust towards a fellow human being as what I saw on 12th December, 2017. I arrived the ICC for the call on time, followed the queue and entered the hall.
When the BOB filed in, we all stood up as a sign of respect and followed the instructions as expected of aspirants to the Bar. Every thing was going smoothly until the time a lady approached the podium to receive hand shake and collect her certificates. As she moved down the podium and made to return to her seat, I noticed Mrs. Mevayen Jemialu, a lecturer at the Nigerian Law School, Abuja campus, walking at a very fast pace towards this lady.
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Rahmat Goldfish shouldn’t have spoken against Amasa Firdaus 


“…My position on Ms. Fidaus and the hypocrisy of religious persons nationwide.


Hypocrisy of Muslims she meant.

 Is she a Muslim? What temerity does she imbibed to call Muslims hypocrite? Let’s see what she has for us. 


My name is Rahmat, a practising muslim.


A Muslim don’t call himself or herself practising, it is those in his or her surroundings that point this out. 

 Most days I am covered and once in a while I am not.


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​#Firdausa: UNINTELLIGENT ranting of a supposedly INTELLIGENT PEOPLE 

When the story of #Firdaus broke of how she defiled the Council of Legal Education discriminatory policy towards Muslim women, some not very bright fellow decided to air their opinion which was stupid and idiotic half the time. Not surprising, some mothers do have them. What was however interesting was how some supposedly intelligent people brains suddenly went on vacation. 
 One of the most disturbing writeup I read was that of Inibehe Effiong. In his Facebook post few days ago he wrote: 

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​The Trigger of Firdaus

She has pulled the trigger of change. Once again, another colonial heritage is hit and it is just a matter of time before it will collapse, if not instantly.
The world is made of two kinds of people: one, the radicals who bring about change, as in chemical reactions, and two, the followers. While humanity spends almost all of its time following, it is gifted from time to time with activists who activate the process of transformation by introducing new ideas that challenge the status quo. The action of Firdaus squarely places her here.
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​Fani Kayode incures the wrath of Bn Sulayman for opening his rotten Pipe mouth against Amasa Firdaus 

Fani Kayode has incured my wrath and brimstone for daring Muslim females and speaking against Amasa Firdaus who is a symbol of resilience against imperialism, neocolonialism, intolerance and also a motivation to the whole body of young Muslim females of Muslims in Nigeria. 

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