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Christian Evangelism Of Hate: Defame Anything Of Islamic Faith 

Mr Ovo is a Christian lawyer. He is one of those few Christians who openly shown the Violent Evangelism; Evangelism Of hate, by the Nigeria Christian.

Think for a Moment; “had muslims given the pastor a taste of his own evangelic hatred” the Christo Secular Media wouldn’t report the why? They would report the consequences and call it all Extremism. Conveniently Forgeting the act of Extremism and Satanism was ab inito resuscitated by a fellow Christian. 

These are the ways crisis usually occur in the North of this Country. They cause problems, muslims reacts, AND MUSLIMS BECOME THE BAD GUYS. 

Most of the upheavals in the North were caused by Christian intolerance (even while living on Muslims door steps).

Many of us haven’t seen the need to investigate the pros and cons of these distorted events as reported by Christians. What we fail to know is; These events go into our history books, and Muslims are paint brushed as the culprits. THE NEXT GENERATIONS WILL BE FED WITH JUNK, CALLED HISTORY WITHOUT KNOWING WHAT REALLY HAPPENED 100 YEARS AGO. 

Now, talking about this blasphemous acts, some Christians will openly support the pastor. Some do this not simply because they want to, or have to, but to use all dishonest way within their reach to explain why muslims must be wrong. For them, no matter what had transpired, MUSLIMS MUST NEVER BE RIGHT. 

This is pure psychosis. You may call it psychopathic disorder. One wants to hate Islam, even though it makes them insane. Let us see the argument that ensue between Muslims and a Christian. Continue reading


Questions and Answers On Israel 

[Question] Which country alone in the Middle East has nuclear weapons? 
[Answer] Israel
 [Question] Which country in the Middle East has just recently used a weapon of mass destruction, a one-ton smart bomb, dropping it in the center of a highly populated area killing civilians including children? 
[Answer] Israel

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​Religious Favouritism In The Nigerian Criminal Code: Islamisation Or Christianisation?

Everyday, Muslims are being arm-twisted either directly or indirectly to denounce their religion either by teachers bullying students in primary, secondary and even higher institutions or deliberate promotions of content that is detrimental to the upbringing of Muslim children and sustainability of modesty and piety in the Muslim community. Continue reading