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​How Nigerian media fuelled herdsmen/farmers clashes

By Rasheed Abubakar 

On Wednesday, January 31, 2018, around 8pm, the news of the seven travellers who were burnt to death in Benue hit the airwaves.  Continue reading



From: A senior staff of CBN
Asslamu Alaikum Sir. We are concerned that the current leadership structure of the CBN is extremely loopsided and does not reflect the heterogeneous nature of Nigeria.

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​Religious Favouritism In The Nigerian Criminal Code: Islamisation Or Christianisation?

Everyday, Muslims are being arm-twisted either directly or indirectly to denounce their religion either by teachers bullying students in primary, secondary and even higher institutions or deliberate promotions of content that is detrimental to the upbringing of Muslim children and sustainability of modesty and piety in the Muslim community. Continue reading

Incitement, war, herdsmen 

​The vilest and most wicked people are those who malevolently seek to set Northerners against one another from the other end of the country’s political divide. I can’t understand how any right thinking person would wilfully and proudly seek to incite Northerners against one another and each other. The most dangerous citizen is the man or woman whose heart is tipped with the rapier of blinding hate and bigotry, of an intensity that recognises no virtue or goodness in those they hate. Continue reading

​Seal of the Prophet. By Omar Esa 


Omar Esa Motto: What ever Music could do, so can my voice

So this is something that has troubled me for a while, so today when I saw a news piece on this particular subject which troubles me, it just made me upset, so the media said they saw a man wearing a Isis flag near Big Ben in London and they went in, how the flag is evil etc.

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